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With the so-called “Big Merge” just weeks away, let’s jump right into what it all means and how cryptocurrency trading prices could be affected in the aftermath. First top: learning the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum in order to understand why Ethereum is making such big changes.

Wouldn’t it be great if blockchain worked straight out of the box? No setup; no learning curve; no scalability issues. For years, the concept of a blockchain network that works for everyone all of the time, with no loss of service or fee variance, have seemed an impossible dream. 

With the exponential growth of the crypto market in recent months, many Layer-1 solutions — not named Ethereum and Bitcoin — have continued to gain more and more mainstream prominence.

Switzerland’s principal exchange has experienced a fat change in trading activities for August 2022, according to its latest report. The broader digital-asset market remaining bearish and the recent selloffs have also contributed to the disappointing crypto figures, the report suggested.

Decentralized finance is a walled garden for the crypto-savvy and tech literate. It’s a place where tiny seeds can sprout into wondrous flowers and hyper-growth flourishes, but for all its brimming potential, DeFi remains tiny. On the other side of that walled garden is an entire world of assets whose value and use cases dwarf anything that decentralized finance can produce.

Cryptocurrency crime is as sinister and upsetting as most financial crimes. The crimes that are perpetrated range from ordinary theft of cryptocurrency to money laundering and market to market fraud. Investors and consumers are subject to phishing and scams, where they are instructed to send cryptocurrency to a specific location for ransom. Like all financial […]

Yet the crypto markets are now crumbling as we enter what will likely be a long and painful winter, and the world has moved on from the pandemic, returning to the outdoors. Will GameFi survive now that conditions are less-than-optimal for its growth?