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The I&D subsidiary of JPX has launched a new website called the “JPX Listed Company ESG Information WEB (Beta Version)” in collaboration with DATAZORA, a company that collects and disseminates a wide range of data on listed companies including their IR information.

“Enabling our in-scope clients to demonstrate alignment with the EU Taxonomy is only the beginning – with over twenty green taxonomies in place, in development or under discussion worldwide it is crucial that investors act to understand and report taxonomy alignment data sooner, rather than later.”

“The new service will enable international investors to better evaluate the ESG activities of Chinese companies and to make more informed investment decisions. At the same time, it strengthens Deutsche Börse’s position as a key player in ESG reporting.”

“While ESG metrics are not part of the mandatory financial reporting, companies are increasingly making disclosures in their annual reports or in a standalone sustainability report. And we want to support this development.”

Under the newly launched ESG programme, Vantage partnered with Supercar Blondie, a digital media publisher specialized in luxury supercars, to focus on driving innovation for electric vehicle production, promoting gender equality, and putting a spotlight on climate change.