ATFX Takes Center Stage at iFX EXPO International 2023 with New Achievements and Innovations

FinanceFeeds Editorial Team

Marking its global dominance, ATFX is set to shine at the iFX EXPO International 2023 in Cyprus, showcasing its latest achievements and reinforcing its commitment to innovation in the financial trading landscape.

ATFX is thrilled to enter the limelight as the Official Global Sponsor for iFX EXPO International 2023, unfolding from 19-21 September in Limassol, Cyprus. This event congregates the crests of the financial world. Attendees, make a note to drop by ATFX’s stand at booth #145. Also, the expo will feature Wei Qiang Zhang, the helm of ATFX UK, sharing valuable insights alongside industry mavens.

Charting its global journey, ATFX has stamped several pivotal landmarks this year:

  • Garnering the esteemed Category 5 license from UAE’s regulatory body, the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA).
  • Cementing its influence in Iraq through a critical alliance with Ashur Bank.
  • Bolstering its Aussie operations by merging with Rakuten Securities Australia Pty Ltd and simultaneously clinching an ASIC license.

These strides mirror ATFX’s unwavering dedication to regulatory standards, tactical evolution, and proffering a suite of financial services across diverse geographies.

As a revered trading hub globally, ATFX is arming traders with an expansive spectrum of financial resources. By consistently pushing the innovation envelope, ATFX has emerged as a fintech pioneer, introducing features like swift electronic account validation for clients. Upholding a staunch dedication to tech advancements and client contentment, ATFX ensures effortless navigation through forex, commodities, indices, and CFDs, fortified by avant-garde tech and a team of experts.

With its eyes set on the horizon, ATFX persists as a reservoir of trading wisdom, curating an invigorating and fail-safe trading milieu for novices and pros. Stay abreast of the unfolding chapters in ATFX’s trading saga.

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