Thursday, June 20, 2024
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HomeExecutive MovesBinance.US hires Jasmine Lee as CFO with IPO in sight
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Binance.US hires Jasmine Lee as CFO with IPO in sight

She will lead the US-based crypto exchange’s finance department and oversee all aspects of financial operations, accounting, investor relations, treasury, and tax.

Jasmine Lee joins Binance.US from Acorns, where she was  Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the leading micro-investing app company.

Prior to that, she served as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer for the Consumer Product Group at PayPal and drove the payments company’s growth through strategic partnerships, pricing initiatives, and acquiring new businesses.

Invaluable as we chart our path to an IPO

Brian Shroder, Chief Executive Officer at Binance.US, said: “Jasmine is a rare talent who possesses more than 20 years of deep knowledge in both fintech and high growth startup environments. Her experience at Paypal, a public Fortune 500 company, in particular, will be invaluable as we chart our path to an IPO in the coming years. Binance.US entered the current crypto market environment from a position of strength, with significant capital, active hiring plans, and a robust pipeline of new value-add products and services. We are pleased to continue to execute our growth strategy with Jasmine as a key part of the executive team.”

Jasmine Lee, Chief Financial Officer at Binance.US, said: “I am thrilled to be joining Binance.US at this exciting moment as the company introduces new offerings – including zero-fee trading, a bold customer-centric move that will fuel user growth – and continues to launch new products. I look forward to building out a best-in-class finance department at Binance.US that lays a strong foundation for continued growth and our path to a future IPO.”

The US-based crypto exchange has recently introduced a new pricing model, which includes zero fees on bitcoin (BTC) trading across four spot pairs, as well as Binance.US Staking, which generates some of the highest APY rates among US crypto exchanges.

Binance.US has been sued for allegedly misleading investors in regard to the safety of “fiat-backed” Terra. The 72-page document claims the firm failed to comply with federal and state securities laws.

In addition, the over 2,000 investors claim that Binance.US was the “actual seller” when an exchange takes place, crediting and debiting the parties involved in the transaction in its accounts, rather than facilitating a direct exchange between those parties.

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