Binary station launches open source enterprise solution

Binary options platforms go opensource: Binarystation launches enterprise solution and provides source code to brokers

Binary options technology provider Binarystation has today announced the launch of what it considers to be a disruptive new solution…

Binary options technology provider Binarystation has today announced the launch of what it considers to be a disruptive new solution for the binary options sector, in the form of an enterprise binary options trading platform solution in which the entire source code is provided to broker partners which use the software.

A particularly interesting aspect within this new solution is that brokerages, partners and white label brands will be able to modify and adapt the platform to suit the purposes of their business model, following the direction which the more sophisticated retail FX platforms have taken over the last few years.

Logo-BinarystationAccording to Binaryware, this solution is intended to be positioned toward brokers and entrepreneurs who wish to have a proprietary platform, but wish to avoid the inherent costs that come with developing and maintaining their own software solutions.

In addition to this, Binaryware is stepping away from the traditional method of capitalization among binary options platforms in that the new solution will be provided to brokerages for a one-time fee rather than capitalized on a monthly basis through trading volume.

This avoids any potential concerns that the platform provider itself is engaging in any brokerage business which could create a conflict of interest with its corporate clients.

Mikhail Chistyakov, Managing Director of Binaryware today made a commercial statement on the launch of the new platform

“We have identified that many brokers have made significant investments into their IT teams. Our philosophy has always been that the broker should have full control over their solution and that the broker ideally should be independent of their technology provider. For these reasons we are launching the enterprise solution, free of monthly fees, and putting total control into the broker’s hands in regards to technology.”

Photograph: Example of source code in Perl programming language

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