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Brexit Hit – How the UK Is Coping with Its Exit From the EU

The Brexit-hit Britain is recovering slowly from the disruption, especially in the e-commerce market.

Surprisingly, the Covid-19 pandemic has helped several online brands with significant spikes in the clientele, while 82% overwhelmed brand CMOs state that they’re relishing higher sales than pre-Covid. Merely 16% claim to be surviving with the same sales.

How is the new red tape affecting the UK market?

Despite the spikes, many feel this bright future might be dimmed due to post-Brexit rules that took effect on January 1. 

Six months after Brexit, UK companies are now struggling with new bureaucracy brought up by the UK-EU trade and co-operation agreement. 

Although the Brexit deal assures no tariff and zero-quota trading between the two entities, the current agreement is not free of tough compromises. UK companies now have to fall in with costly checks, customs controls, and other stringent protocols, making it all the more difficult for business.

How can citizens find a way out of this struggle?

With almost every sector wrestling around in the nation due to Brexit, switching to online crypto trading alternatively seems a wise option for UK citizens.

Cryptos like Dogecoin, Ethereum, Stellar, etc., are currently rising significantly, making the market more liquid for experienced and new traders.

Source: can crypto brokers benefit from this?

Since the crypto market is becoming lucrative these days, it creates more significant opportunities for crypto brokers by offering favourable trading conditions and top-notch technologies.

One such broker to benefit from this is Globalbase, which offers a wide array of digital assets to trade via its technologically advanced web-based trading platform.

The broker aims to provide maximum transparency and consistency and offer individually tailored experiences for all traders.

How has Globalbase become a reliable broker?

Besides the user-friendly trading platform, Globalbase also offers reliable trading tools and a 24/6 dedicated customer support team. The broker grants access to major digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, EOS, Tron, NEO, and many more.

While the withdrawal process is quick and efficient, the broker is pretty strict regarding funds’ withdrawal, which is processed only after proper identity verification. Globalbase abides by protocols like these to avoid malicious attempts in data manipulation or unauthorized access.

The broker also ensures the safety of its traders’ funds with the most effective security solutions. In addition, Globalbase showcases educational blogs to help novice traders know more about the crypto world.

The crypto broker can be contacted only via email to resolve queries regarding funds, account details, and personal information. Globalbase also accepts popular payment methods to assure clients that the broker is in line with traders and their modern preferences.

Bottom line

With the current UK markets surviving at an all-time low due to Brexit, the situation serves to be the best opportunity for individuals to switch to crypto trading with experienced crypto-focused brokers like Globalbase by their side.


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