Bringing Affordable Advanced Content and Technical Analysis Solutions to the Middle Eastern Brokers

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Q1. We understand Autochartist has created some new exciting partnerships in the Middle East, specifically your partnership with one of the largest Stock and CFD Platform providers – how is this impacting brokers in the region?

This partnership echo’s what Autochartist has been doing throughout the last 20 years, forming significant region-specific and global partnerships with Industry leaders like Global Trading Network.

The GTN state-of-the-art stock trading platform is used by many brokers, specifically in the Middle East and North Africa. For any of these brokers using GTN, Autochartist is now available within the analysis, stock profile, technical, and featured overview sections both in Arabic and English.

The analysis this provides is geared to attract, engage and retain stock traders with high-quality content in a leading stock trading environment.

We are both excited and proud to be partnering with this industry leader.

Q2. How do other stock, CFD/FX, and Futures brokers benefit from using Autochartist?

The main benefit is improved engagement. Our revenue-generating engagement solutions are used to attract traders and direct them to the trading platform. These solutions are also available for brokers that use MT4, MT5, cTrader and proprietary stock, futures and/or FX/CFD trading platforms.

Our products also aim to save our clients time, money, and other resources by providing brokers with unique, automated content in over 30 languages. This once again improves trader engagement. 

Our solutions are both region and product-specific. With us, it is the bottom line that matters. Autochartist solutions are built to drive the broker’s business whilst providing high-quality content for their traders. By automating content production and delivery processes, we help boost revenue while saving costs.

Q3. You mentioned Autochartist is able to offer brokers global and region-specific multi-language content at a fraction of the cost. How is that possible?

The secret to our success is Automation. Autochartist specializes in automated production, including translation and delivery through multiple channels. We automatically translate our content into 30 languages such as Arabic, Turkish, and Farsi.

Our content is fully automated and instantly delivered through engagement channels such as email, client area, trading platforms, messaging, and social media channels. 

By automating the entire process, there is no need to hire whole teams of analysts and translators. This saves our clients huge amounts of money and time.  By doing so, brokers are able to reach a much wider international audience, which is a no-brainer business decision.

Q4.Besides drastically cutting down their content production costs, what sets Autochartist’s products apart from the competition?

Anyone who says money is NOT the name of the game is definitely in the wrong game. Our pure passion is to provide world-class solutions to large, medium, and start-up brokers. 

However, for new brokers, navigating the very challenging journey to year 1 and through to year 2 is not for the faint of heart, and young brokers can especially do with a helping hand which we provide.

Furthermore, our content is not only information. It is truly actionable and provides traders with a better trading experience which in turn increases lifetime value and customer revenue.

We are focused on providing automated solutions to a number of activities within the financial markets brokerage. Whether your focus is on trader segmentation, personalisation, content journeys, or Natural Language Generation, we have developed solutions to meet all brokers major pain points. These activities are focused on reducing time and effort within the brokerage while maximising impact and engagement.

Our multi-language solution is also far superior to competitors, offering an affordable solution to Global Market Coverage. Brokers can enjoy solutions such as regularly updated US Stock valuations in Arabic or any one of our over 30 languages. This is ideal for brokers in non-English speaking markets that offer trade-in US stocks that do not want to spend thousands on analysts and translators. 

Q5. Autochartist has seen some exciting new partnerships and products over the last few months. What more can we look forward to in the coming year?

We have several exciting developments coming in the next year. Here are a few things you can look forward to. 

The Autochartist solutions for in-platform trading are being refined to provide a bridge between copy follow (completely passive trading) and self-directed trading. This makes it even easier for traders to understand and move on to trade set-ups. 

As the market moves towards greater segmentation and personalisation of engagement, we expect Autochartist to partner with more market-leading solution providers to make this technology accessible to financial markets brokers.

Finally, the third iteration of our Social Media solution will be released this year. This uses our patented technology to create animated social media solutions for financial markets brokers. Again, looking to create dynamic natural language content to populate, attract and engage traders on modern social media channels.  

Q6. How can brokers get in touch with you?

For those of you who will be attending the iFX Expo in Dubai later this month, you can find us there! We will also be arranging consultation meetings with brokers based in Dubai during that time.

Otherwise, you can always reach us via our website or email: 

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