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Brokeree Solutions is an international provider of innovative technological solutions for multi-asset brokers worldwide. The company specializes in high-grade solutions development, including flagship Social Trading, PAMM, Prop Pulse, and Liquidity Bridge. With 10 years of industry expertise and an extensive product portfolio, Brokeree Solutions offers technologies covering almost any broker’s needs.

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About Brokeree Solutions

Founded in 2013, Brokeree Solutions has consistently enhanced the technology that multi-asset brokers around the world rely on. With its extensive experience aiding brokerages, this provider has contributed to developing innovative solutions, streamlining operational procedures, and setting up advanced risk management systems.

Brokeree’s flagship products include cross-server Social Trading, PAMM, and multi-platform Liquidity Bridge and are available for brokers operating on MT4, MT5, cTrader, and DXtrade CFD trading platforms. In addition, the company offers more than 50 solutions and tools that help brokers elevate their businesses in various areas, including client attraction, risk management, liquidity management, etc.

At FinanceFeeds Awards 2023, Brokeree’s Social Trading platform was named “Most Reliable Copy Trading Platform”. This innovative investment system stands out with its exceptional customizability and features to facilitate copying across multiple servers. Brokeree’s Social Trading grants brokers unmatched freedom to unite followers and signal providers into a united investment pool, allowing them to share and copy trading signals without technological limitations. 

Brokeree Solutions’ Diverse Technological Offerings

Brokeree’s product portfolio covers almost every possible broker’s request for MetaTrader 4 and 5. Several key categories of solutions may level up the infrastructure of the brokerage business:

  • Portfolio and money management;
  • Risk mitigation;
  • Liquidity aggregation;
  • Bonus distribution;
  • Symbol configuration.

Explore the full list of tools and products via

Social Trading

Brokeree Social Trading for MetaTrader offers a comprehensive copy trading platform with extensive customization for brokers and flexible trading options for users. It allows separate user interfaces for administrators, providers, and investors, tailoring the experience to each group’s needs:

– Brokers can finely adjust business models and set specific trading conditions for different types of accounts, groups, and trading strategies;

– For traders, the platform provides various copying modes, including equity-based, margin-based, and proportional copying, helping them to fine-tune the strategy to their risk profile;

– Signal providers will appreciate the ability to set their own fee structures.


Brokeree PAMM is a turnkey investment platform for brokers who want to introduce shared investment accounts. The solution complements MetaTrader’s abilities by dividing traders into two general groups: investors and money managers – experienced traders running shared funds.

Investors benefit from access to the profitable strategies of skilled professionals, while money managers gain profits through various fees. 

As for brokers, with Brokeree PAMM, they may:

  • Extend their trading offering;
  • Boost trading volumes;
  • Attract new audiences of clients.

Risk management features include Stop-Loss levels, automatic confirmations for investor withdrawal requests, and protective measures against margin calls or stop-outs during withdrawals. 

Ratings Module

The functionality of Brokeree’s flagship investment systems may be easily complemented with the Ratings Module, a solution designed to increase brokers’ website visitor conversion and client attraction. The module collects trading history, calculates performance indicators, and displays them via interactive dashboards. It is especially suitable for brokers who organize traders’ competitions or provide their clients with investment systems such as PAMM or Social Trading.

When connecting to the server, Ratings Module v4 gets access to the individual trading histories of traders and calculates performance indicators set by the administrator. Further, with the help of customizable widgets, statistics can be displayed on the broker’s website and other applications, like CRM, clients’ areas, or mobile apps.

  • The solution instantly processes all new changes;
  • The web interface provides administrators with extensive customization abilities;
  • Inbuilt templates for displaying trader statistics via cards, rows, and tables widgets.

To help traders navigate through the ratings of their peers or available money managers, brokers may add custom filtering options. This way, traders may sort the list by country, risk of their trading strategies, profitability, or any other chosen indicator.

Prop Pulse

Prop Pulse is an account management solution for prop trading firms that allows companies to set up multi-step challenges for traders’ evaluation and scouting. With its turnkey functionality, brokerages and prop firms can build a full-cycle customer journey, taking traders from the registration form to a scalable funded phase.

This system enables brokers to create comprehensive multi-step challenges for assessing traders. The platform’s key feature is the ability to customize various indicators, objectives, and conditions at each step, ensuring accurate finetuning of challenge conditions. As traders complete a step, Prop Pulse smoothly transitions them to the subsequent level until they finish the entire challenge.

Additionally, the system efficiently highlights successful and underperforming accounts in a special tap. This provides brokerage staff with clear visibility to track client progress, including their challenge status, account balances, and failed objectives.

Liquidity Bridge

Brokeree Liquidity Bridge for MT4, MT5, cTrader, and DXtrade CFD is a solution for brokers seeking to optimize their trade execution and liquidity management. The system is configurable, enabling brokers to fine-tune their offerings:

  • Allows brokers to connect multiple liquidity providers and trading servers;
  • Offers flexible configuration trading conditions for different client segments;
  • Enables accurately finetuning the execution model, including a-book, b-book, STP, ECN, and hybrid models;
  • Streamlines broker operations with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the management of trade flows and liquidity pools.


Besides the tools and products, Brokeree Solutions also aids brokers by providing them with technological services and consultations, aiming to enhance their platform performance and support their business expansion:

Metatrader Maintenance: Regular server log audits, database optimization, and server configurations to ensure smooth operation and minimize potential downtime or disruptions.

Technical Consultation: Only a few business problems have straightforward solutions; most require rather sophisticated setups. Technical consultation is a convenient way for brokers to promptly receive reliable information about MetaTrader configuration. 

Software Development: An entire development process that includes market research, development, and support phases.

Platform Setup: Installation and initial configuration of MetaTrader clusters, encompassing live, demo, and backup servers, ensuring a solid foundation for broker operations.

MetaTrader Server Migration: Server migration may quickly become an overwhelming project, especially when migrating between MetaTrader 4 and 5, which often requires modifying a dataset for the new trading platform.

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