Charting the Fintech Revolution: The Journey of Wallester

Jack R. Mitchell

Co-founded by Dmitri Logvinenko and Sergei Astafjev in 2016, Wallester has carved a unique position in the fintech sector, notably through its innovative white-labelling solutions. Empowering businesses of all sizes, the solution facilitates the launch of a fully functional VISA payment card program.


In this article, we are set to explore the core elements upon which Wallester’s White-Label solution is built, analyse the company’s growth, as well as assess its industry engagement.

3 Core Elements of Wallester White-Label


Wallester’s White-Label solution is a turning point in the rapidly evolving financial landscape. As we’ve mentioned earlier, this solution is a powerful tool enabling businesses to customise and launch personal VISA payment card programs, providing them with an unprecedented level of control over their financial operations.

Wallester allows businesses to tailor every aspect of their cards, from design to card material, be it plastic, wood, metal, or any other alternative. The offering caters to both virtual and physical cards with debit, credit, or prepaid functionality, aligning perfectly with the diverse needs of their unique business models and target audiences.


Another defining feature of Wallester’s White-Label solution is its commitment to inclusivity. It breaks traditional barriers by eliminating the need for a financial license, thus extending its benefits to businesses of all sizes and types. From fintech startups and crypto platforms to retail outlets, Wallester’s White-Label solution is a catalyst for improving financial operations and enhancing customer experiences


Integrating Wallester’s solution is straightforward. Businesses can embed card-issuing capabilities into their existing applications using Wallester’s state-of-the-art REST API, or they can adopt Wallester’s white-labelled mobile application for distribution to their end customers. This flexibility ensures a perfect fit for businesses irrespective of their specific needs or existing infrastructure.

Overall Wallester’s White-Label solution is more than a product; it is a key to the future of embedded finance. By providing this ready-to-use solution, Wallester enables businesses to bypass extensive app development investments, ensuring a cost-effective path to its product expansion.

The Story of Wallester’s Growth

Wallester, founded by Dmitri Logvinenko and Sergei Astafjev in 2016, was born from a shared vision to transform global financial services. From their headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, they set out to develop a robust platform that could redefine how businesses manage their financial operations, no matter their size or sector.

The company’s journey began with meticulous research and development, leading to the creation of Wallester’s innovative product suite. Over time, Wallester experienced exponential growth, building trust within the financial industry through pivotal partnerships with companies like W1TTY, MyMonii, Holm Bank, and Latvian Post.

Wallester’s Expansion into Valbonne, France

In 2023, reflecting its ambitious growth trajectory, Wallester opened a new office in Valbonne, France. This expansion into a major economy signifies Wallester’s enduring momentum and intent to broaden its audience. The French office will serve as a hub for innovation, gathering the brightest fintech minds to develop groundbreaking financial solutions.

“The opening of our French office is a major milestone symbolizing our growth, ambition to expand, and commitment to innovation,” says Sergei Astafjev. “With this expansion, we reiterate our dedication to delivering high-quality services to businesses worldwide,” he concludes.

Wallester’s Active Role in Industry Events

Wallester’s expanding influence in the fintech landscape is additionally marked by its active participation in industry events. As a beacon of innovation, Wallester is committed to fostering relationships with leading entities in the sector and showcasing its cutting-edge solutions on prominent stages.

Particularly noteworthy is Wallester’s presence at influential conferences. These engagements offer valuable networking opportunities, facilitate knowledge exchange, and serve as a platform for promoting Wallester’s innovative solutions. The company’s participation at the recent Money 20/20 conference stands as a testament to this commitment. This event, renowned for convening the industry’s brightest visionaries, provided Wallester with an exceptional platform to interact with global leaders, promote its groundbreaking products, and stay current with the latest trends in the fintech industry.

Wallester’s central position at the conference allowed it to demonstrate its robust solutions to an international audience, cementing its reputation as a significant force in the modern market. This interaction with potential clients and partners, coupled with the opportunity to learn from industry leaders, reinforces Wallester’s commitment to continuous innovation and growth.

Reflecting on these experiences, Dmitri Logvinenko, Co-founder of Wallester, said, “Our participation in high-profile industry events like Money 20/20 is a testament to our growth and the recognition we’ve earned in the fintech landscape. These engagements are a clear indication of our commitment to collaboration, learning, and continuous innovation. As we move forward, we will continue to redefine what’s possible in fintech, making financial services more accessible and efficient for businesses worldwide.

The Final Words: Embracing the Evolution

In conclusion, Wallester stands at the vanguard of fintech transformation. With its revolutionary White-Label solutions, it empowers businesses worldwide, providing tailored, inclusive, and easily integrable products that reshape financial operations. Its commitment to growth and innovation is showcased in its strategic expansion into France, serving as a hub for developing groundbreaking financial solutions. Wallester’s active engagement in influential industry events, including Money 20/20, underscores its dedication to fostering industry relationships, sharing its cutting-edge offerings, and learning from the industry’s brightest minds. As Wallester continues its journey, it remains devoted to redefining the possibilities within fintech, making financial services more accessible, efficient, and customer-centric. Indeed, Wallester isn’t just evolving; it is setting new standards for the fintech industry.

Now, it’s your turn to be a part of this evolution. Take the step today and launch your own White-Label program with Wallester at

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