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Designing landing pages that will land you clients – Part 2

“Your landing page is not an investment that you build and then step away from to reap the rewards, it requires constant development and creation” – Adinah Brown, Leverate

This week, following last Sunday’s article in which five specific factors were put forward as means of attracting and engaging new and existing clients, we discuss critical points for creating your brokerage’s landing pages.

  1. Mobile Adaptability

Increasingly people are using their mobile devices to get business done. Particularly tech savvy forex traders who want to be able to review charts and trade whilst on the run or whenever a prime opportunity comes up. Unless you’re determined to go against the tide, you need to ensure that your landing page is optimized for a wide variety of smaller screens. Make sure that the content layout of your landing page is clear on a wide range of mobile devices and is not squashed in with too much text and other distractions.

  1. Create a sense of urgency

Visitors may go on your landing page, identify that you are a brokerage that they would like to use, be satisfied with the benefits you’ve addressed and then still mull over the decision to subscribe to your services. This is human nature and what you need to do is to provide a small nudge to convert them into clients. Forex marketers do this by creating a sense of urgency and scarcity. For example, indicate that a promotion will be available for a short time or if they register now they will have access to additional trading resources.

  1. Videos

Recent research on video marketing shows that placing a video on your landing page, could have the potential to increase conversion by an astounding 86%. Video is just a loved media entity that is exceptionally well consumed. However, it’s easy to get videos wrong. The script is critical and you’re best off writing it yourself as you will know your own product far better than any video production company. The criteria is to make your videos engaging and emotion driven, after all you are providing your viewers with an experience, in which the aim is to have them connect.

  1. Interact with visitors

Not entirely critical, but certainly a worthwhile aspiration, is engaging with your website visitors as it can do wonders for your conversion rates. Studies have shown that the longer visitors engage with your site, radically improves the chance of them becoming a client. Ask your clients questions, provoke them and even play games. Whatever you choose to do, keep your technique focused on bringing home the point that your brokerage service has optimum value.

  1. Perform A/B tests

Your landing page is not an investment that you build and then step away from to reap the rewards, it requires constant development and creation. A great way to continue that development process is to use AB testing mechanisms that will perform split tests on the performance of two different landing pages and then provide you with user feedback in which you can compare the results.

In order to do this properly, AB testing does require a statistical significant number of visitors that can be fostered by PPC efforts, social media and search engine traffic flows, a drawback is that the results are often inconclusive. However, if done comprehensively,  it can provide many useful insights, many of which you would not have been likely to predict, so keep an open mind!

While there is a lot of information on the web about what’s needed to develop strong and engaging landing pages, much of the information out there can be contradictory. The points listed in these two articles really nail it. Regard these like your ten commandments of landing page creation and with that focus you should be able to create pages that convert visitors to clients, with wins to be gained by all.


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Designing landing pages that will land you clients

“A quality landing page is most conspicuous for its attention grabbing headlines and persuasive CTAs (Call To Action) and getting them right will be the defining attribute towards making your landing page a success. Often it’s a case of simply having big and highly visual fonts, which has been known to increase conversion rates by as much as 133%.” – Adinah Brown, Leverate