DigitalX's Blockchain-enhanced AirPocket app to launch money transfers

DigitalX’s Blockchain-enhanced AirPocket app to launch money transfers

The initial target of the solution is US-Latino clientele, who will be able to make secure and low-cost international money transfers.

Digitalx Ltd (ASX:DCC), a company for Blockchain-enhanced software solutions, has unveiled the pending launch of money transfers through its AirPocket mobile application.

In a filing with the ASX, DigitalX says that the update to the application allowing money transfers will go live on Saturday, March 4, 2017, with the updated AirPocket to be available to Android gadget users at that point, with iOS version to follow.

The updated version of the Blockchain-enhanced mobile payments application will offer its US users the ability to make secure and low-cost payments across 14 countries in Latin America – it is the US-Latino clientele that forms the initial target of the app. The business rationale for the choice is obvious, given the size of this market for remittances.

With regards to marketing of AirPocket, DigitalX has also redesigned the landing page, which will serve as an additional portal for registering of new users and allowing existing ones to view transaction records. Money transfer functionality is poised to be available in the June quarter.

The company is now concentrating its efforts on AirPocket.

Just a couple of days ago, DigitalX published its financial report for the six-month period to December 31, 2016, confirming that the company had discontinued its trading operations towards the end of the period, in connection with the shift of the focus of operations to AirPocket.

Subsequent to the end of the half-year period, DigitalX announced a deal with Blockchain Global Limited over the DigitalX Direct platform. The agreement will see DigitalX receive half of all revenues generated from customers introduced to Blockchain Global and their exchange service In the financial report, DigitalX said the process of customer introductions had begun and some former clients had already commenced using the platform.

The move is important to Blockchain Global Limited, previously known as Bitcoin Group Limited, as it further pushes into bitcoin exchange.

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