Dukascopy TV mobile application becomes more social

Maria Nikolova

The most recent version of the Dukascopy TV app for iOS devices enables video sharing.

Dukascopy TV has undergone remarkable development since its launch in November 2008 – back then Dukascopy started offering a video version of its economic calendar. The first version of the respective mobile application for iOS devices was released about five years later, in November 2013, and has also enjoyed some substantial enhancements.

The latest version of the Dukascopy TV mobile app (1.9), released just a couple of days ago, offers design improvements, as well as a new functionality that reiterates the strong affinity of the broker with regards to the community spirit of trading. The application now enables its users to share videos.

The enhancement underscores Dukascopy’s passion for bolstering social features on solutions offered to traders. The mere existence of Dukascopy Connect is a piece of proof for that.

Speaking of which, let’s note that in February this year, Dukascopy Bank announced the launch of Dukascopy 911, a mobile questions & answers service thanks to which users are able to receive instant and relevant answers from community experts. The idea is that such answers are more relevant to traders than the answers provided by a search engine.

Dukascopy is planning to take this service to another level by welcoming bots to the 911 platform. As a result, the company expects to see a competition between artificial intelligence solutions and human beings on the platform with regards to providing the most timely, accurate and relevant answers.

Dukascopy TV has no ambitions with regards to robots for the time being. It seems to do pretty well without them, as it has a monthly view pool to a total of 30 million.

Dukascopy TV is an online media project, which covers international economic issues as well as market forecasts and analysis by renowned financial experts. At present, Dukascopy TV is producing approximately 20 shows per day, which are broadcasted simultaneously in eight languages – English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese and Chinese.

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