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Franco Dimuccio one of the original Tradestation developers talks Tradestation, Tradestation and more Tradestation

Last week we received a very exciting email from a very excited individual about a very exciting subject. Franco Dimuccio, one…

Last week we received a very exciting email from a very excited individual about a very exciting subject.

Franco Dimuccio, one of the original developers of the North American proprietary platform Tradestation read our coverage of OANDA Corporation’s onboarding of former IBFX clients which comprised of approximately 2,000 Tradestation loyal customers.

This was the good news that got Franco excited enough to touch base and tell us his story. Moreover, spurred him up enough to realize an old dream of FX traders getting back “into” Tradestation, the platform that he has put many a blood sweat and tears into.

Whilst the name is familiar to most, almost a household brand name; most may not be familiar with the platform’s ability to link markets together like it was no one’s business. Whilst I myself have not tried Tradestation, Andrew Saks-McLeod and Franco share a common interest and passion for Tradestation, legacy or not.

Franco on the other hand, is Tradestation’s biggest fan and with his soon to launch company Autoshark, will hopefully encourage a frenzied influx back to a platform with a very loyal following.  We are working on doing a full feature shortly, however; an introduction to Franco and what he has and will be up to; was a good start.

Today, Franco Dimuccio spoke to us from his base in the British county of West Yorkshire, far from the intra-coastal waterways of Florida where Tradestation is headquartered.

If only I could translate his passion for Tradestation into words…

What’s new?

Well we are all very excited. This is going to be a good year. Having spent many years working on platforms from Omega 4.0 through 2000i that later developed into Tradestation 8.5, we are pumped knowing that Autoshark has come at the right time allowing traders more choice.

We made it possible for traders to finally be able to adapt and trade with the right platform and the right broker.

Considering how fast technology changes, we realized that neural networks would become the norm and eventually automation was the key. This has paid off for us as well.

What is the biggest thing you can improve on from last year?

The major news that OANDA acquired over 2000 Tradestation clients was a huge surprise. It motivated us to release the platform sooner to hopefully be able to provide the software to existing Tradestation clients and now potentially OANDA’s clients for those who wish to keep using it.

So I guess the biggest thing I can improve on is staying positive as I/ we know Tradestation is making a comeback.

What was the funniest thing or incident that happened in the office this year

As developers we tend to keep a low profile as you know. I did have a good laugh (the good sort) when I came across the news that Forex traders and brokers seem to be showing interest in Tradestation again. We (the developers) always said this would happen and thus kept developing and improving.

This was delightful news and after so much hard work we all had a good laugh that it is finally happening.

If we were sitting here in one year from now having this conversation, what is the biggest thing you would hope to have achieved?

That we develop a truly open source platform for all trader’s and developers to bring their programing skills to light using the Autoshark platform with neural network systems developed in Tradestation and Neuroshell and be working on wall street again

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