Fxview at the iFX EXPO: Zero-cost trading and the white label solution

Rick Steves

FinanceFeeds went to Limassol, Cyprus to meet the industry leaders. A key highlight was the interview with Daniela Egli, Managing Director of Fxview. 

2021 has been a very fast-paced year. Many opportunities have arisen from the exploding retail and institutional trading momentum.

In such a competitive industry, brokers need to up their game regularly and there is plenty of new solutions that cater to the needs and wants of markets and businesses. It is a good time to be in this industry.

FinanceFeeds went to Limassol, Cyprus to meet the industry leaders. A key highlight was the interview with Daniela Egli, Managing Director of Fxview

The retail FX and CFD broker has recently made the headlines in June when it announced it was acquired by Finvasia Group, a fintech giant known for offering zero commission (brokerage fees, clearing fees) “forever”. 

Ms. Egli has been with Fxview since 2019 and is managing the transition as the CySEC-regulated broker integrates with the pioneer of zero-cost trading.  

FinanceFeeds’ Nikolai Isayev spoke with her about what clients have to gain with the new ownership, the low-cost model, leveraged trading, the new entity in Saint Vincent and Grenadines, and the broker’s white label solution. 

“Finvasia has been around since 2009 and has been providing a range of services, from clearing to brokerage and technology. They are pioneers in zero-cost services, such as trading, clearing, everything pretty much”, said Daniela Egli as she enumerated the benefits for traders. 

“They are bringing the innovative infrastructure to the Fxview brokerage as well, state-of-the-art technology, and most importantly, great customer service”. 

The low-cost model has been part of Fxview’s DNA since the beginning, but zero-commission trading has become a new trend within the industry. This, however, is no match for the Fxview’s offering, Ms. Egli explained. 

That is because there is always a catch with most brokers offering zero commission. It is usually for a limited period of time or limited instruments or limited services. That is not the case with Fxview. 

“What is popular now is zero commission trading. However, our group of companies has been doing zero-cost trading and eliminating all sorts of costs for the clients”, Ms. Egli continued. 

“Also, we provide technology. We’re currently developing projects with neural networks and artificial intelligence. Customer support is at the core of our values and we’re offering a 5-star hotel type of service, based on excellence and value-added services for clients”.

Besides the CySEC-regulated entity, Fxview offers trading services from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which allows the broker to offer leveraged trading of up to 500:1 in a time when the top regulators have somewhat crushed the margin trading model, forcing many brokers and retail traders to look elsewhere. 

“Obviously, regulators have a good reason to restrict leverage because it’s definitely increasing the risk for clients. However, trading on margin is inherent to trading currencies, especially for the average investor, who wouldn’t see a good enough return on investment without leverage”. 

The Managing Director of Fxview affirmed that leverage is here to stay. “But it is important that clients trade from a knowledgeable place, which our clients do with our help”. 

Is the 500:1 leverage offering from Fxview Global driving a mass movement of traders from other regions? “I wouldn’t say we’ve seen a migration. There’s a lot of interest, but not a migration”.

“If a client approaches with the intention, we always educate them on the protection they’d lose so they make an informed decision. Only a few of our seasoned clients would go ahead and do that.”

Ms. Egli admitted that the Fxview Global offering is a very attractive one – low cost, customer support, educational tools, partnerships – but part of it (high leverage) cannot be offered from its European entity due to the regulatory framework. 

More on Fxview Global, we spoke about the broker becoming a new member of the Financial Commission, an independent external dispute resolution (EDR) organization for consumers/traders that offers protection of up to €20,000 per complaint submitted. 

“As head of compliance, I make sure complaints are managed in the right way and that all disputes are resolved in an objective and fair manner. And this is where our membership with FC will help a lot, as it will give reassurance to clients that we’ll manage things in the right way”. 

Fxview attended the iFX EXPO International in Cyprus for many reasons, one of which was to promote its White Label Program for FX brokers. 

“Our clients, whether they’re startups or established brokers, can use our pre-packaged white label solution which includes technology and a dedicated support team from development, marketing, customer support, and everything in-between”. 

The White Label Program equips FX brokers with a low-latency FX and CFD trading platform offering a low-cost offering on a wide range of asset classes. “It’s a full package, an out-of-the-box solution that helps them build their own brokerage and be successful right away”. 

On the iFX EXPO attendance, Daniela Egli admitted that “we missed the human interaction” after a challenging year and a half working with people from a screen. 

The conference allowed the team at Fxview to meet people in person, strengthen relationships with partners and clients, but also initiate new partnerships and take new clients onboard. “It is greater exposure, much better and faster face-to-face”. 

Fxview has grown stronger with the backing of Finvasia Group. FX brokers can join the White Label Program and leverage the new technology infrastructure offering a low-cost model. 

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