Greg Rubin, Head of Axi Select: Mastering the Art of Capital Allocation – Part 2

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Welcome back to FinanceFeeds exclusive interviews for part two with Greg Rubin, head of Axi Select. Don’t miss this illuminating discussion that promises to uncover the secrets of success in capital allocation and stay tuned for more exclusive interviews.

FF Exclusive interviews: Greg Rubin - Part 2

Axi Select isn’t just an investment program—it’s a lifeline to skilled traders, offering a chance to manage up to $1,000,000 USD. In our first conversation, we delved into the concept of Axi Select and how it provides traders with opportunities for growth and success. Now, in Part 2, we continue our exploration of Greg Rubin’s insights, uncovering even more of the secrets behind Axi Select’s impact on the prop trading industry.

Join us as FinanceFeeds Editor-in-Chief, Nikolai Isayev, leads the way in this discussion, offering you an inside look into the future of capital allocation and the potential it holds for skilled traders.

Nikolai Isayev pointed out that an additional advantage for traders participating in Axi Select is the backing of AxiTrader, a broker with a well-established reputation, located in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), and recognized internationally.

Greg Rubin agrees, emphasizing that Axi’s long-standing presence and reputation in the industry indeed lend credibility to its Axi Select program. He clarifies that Axi Select is an exclusive program, only available to clients in SVG, indicating that there are geographical restrictions on who can participate. Rubin suggests that for eligible traders, Axi Select provides a solid platform that promotes education, profit generation, and the progression of trading skills.

Nikolai Isayev then delved deeper into the operational aspects of Axi Select, drawing parallels to the entry requirements commonly associated with proprietary trading firms. He was interested in the specific prerequisites that Axi Select mandates for traders who wish to participate in their incubation and funding programs, particularly questioning the presence of any initial capital requirements for a trader’s account.

Greg Rubin clarifies the entry conditions for Axi Select, confirming that there are indeed two primary requisites. The first stipulation demands a trader to fund their Axi Select account with a minimum of 500 US dollars. The second requirement is centered around the proprietary metric of Axi, the edge score; a trader must attain a minimum edge score of 50. Rubin elucidates the process for new clients, indicating that an initial set of 20 trades is necessary to generate an inaugural edge score. If a trader’s score meets or surpasses the threshold of 50 and they maintain the requisite account balance, they are then eligible to progress within the Axi Select program.

For existing clients of Axi, Rubin notes an alternative route that allows for a pre-qualification phase using their current Axi trading accounts. Should their pre-existing edge score be 50 or above, they are afforded direct entry into the seed stage of the program. However, he underscores the egalitarian nature of the scoring system — every participant, irrespective of prior status, must begin afresh at the seed stage with an unbiased slate of 20 trades to determine their edge score anew.

Nikolai Isayev also discussed the progression system within Axi Select, likening it to the tiered stages typically found in proprietary trading firms. He inquired about the various levels traders encounter as they move beyond the entry phase and whether there are prospects for additional stages to be integrated in the future.

Greg Rubin shed light on Axi Select’s hierarchical progression framework, detailing a well-defined pathway that supports trader advancement across multiple stages. This structured progression is bolstered by the array of tools Axi provides, all intended to assist traders in their development. Rubin enumerates the current stages: Seed, Incubation, Acceleration, Pro, Pro 500, and Pro M.

Rubin also outlined the initial Seed stage offerings, including access to the dashboard, leaderboard, and trading room, coupled with a $5,000 funded account to kickstart the trading journey. Profit-sharing does not start at this juncture; it is initiated once a trader qualifies for the Incubation stage by meeting certain benchmarks.

Advancement criteria, as described by Rubin, hinge on achieving a minimum of 5% profit and avoiding a drawdown greater than 10%, thus focusing on a sound risk-reward balance. Additional stipulations encompass a mandated trading duration, a specified number of trades, and the attainment of an Axi-specific edge score at each level. These prerequisites are comprehensively delineated in Axi’s pathway documentation.

With progression, the funded capital escalates across the stages, beginning with $20,000 at the Incubation level and reaching a potential $1 million at the Pro M stage.

Our next question was about the support structure of Axi Select, specifically how it compares to the assistance provided to regular retail customers.

Greg Rubin ensures that the level of support offered to Axi Select traders is equivalent to the high-quality service all Axi clients receive. The support team is knowledgeable and ready to address questions regarding the affiliate program promptly.

Rubin highlights the community-centric environment of the trading room, noting the presence of various communication channels, including one dedicated to support. This setup ensures quick responses to program-related inquiries. Traders in the program have the advantage of direct communication with both support personnel and seasoned professional traders, coupled with advanced analytical tools at their disposal.

A key educational resource within Axi Select is the learning section, which houses a series of instructional videos authored by professional traders from the trading community. These videos serve as a crucial learning tool for both novice traders and those aiming to polish specific trading strategies.

Rubin mentions that the professional traders contributing to Axi Select bring a vast array of trading methodologies, covering techniques ranging from technical and fundamental analysis to advanced concepts like Elliot Wave theory and Fibonacci retracements. The presence of four professional traders ensures a wide spectrum of strategies and indicators for community members to learn from.

Moreover, the trading psychology and risk management aspects are deeply integrated into the trading room discourse, underpinning the importance Axi places on these facets of trading education.

Rubin concludes this point by setting realistic expectations for traders, acknowledging the complex nature of trading without offering misleading promises of guaranteed profits or instant success. Axi Select’s aim, as Rubin states, is to furnish traders with a suite of tools and resources that are deliberately selected and fine-tuned to meet the real needs of traders, ensuring a comprehensive support system for their trading journey.

Nikolai Isayev, nearing the end of the conversation, requested a final take-home message from Greg Rubin for those pondering over the decision to join the Axi Select program.

Greg Rubin, in concluding remarks, encourages traders considering joining Axi Select to take the step, while also advocating for a realistic understanding of trading and its risks. He emphasizes that the program could be particularly beneficial for those already trading with other brokers, highlighting the absence of a downside when trading with additional funds provided through Axi Select.

Rubin points out the suite of complementary tools available to Axi Select members, including a dashboard, leaderboard, trading room access, and an edge score. He acknowledges the common hesitations traders might have, such as the fear of losing money on registration fees or not qualifying for capital allocation programs, and counters by offering the value of knowledge, experience, and learning materials that Axi Select provides without extra costs, except for the initial funding of the account.

The Axi Select program is designed to support traders’ progression through various stages, with realistic opportunities to manage significant funds on behalf of Axi. Rubin reassures us that there is no registration fee, which reduces any financial risk associated with joining the program, although he does remind us that trading always carries the risk of losing the funds being traded.

Ultimately, Rubin’s advice is for traders to try out the program, highlighting the flexibility to withdraw funds if one decides the program is not suitable, with the assurance that there are no hidden fees. He invites traders to join the trading room, benefit from the array of learning materials and videos available, and take advantage of the opportunity presented by Axi Select.

The Axi Select programme is only available to clients of AxiTrader Limited. CFDs carry a high risk of investment loss. In our dealings with you, we will act as a principal counterparty to all of your positions. This content is not available to AU, NZ, and UK residents. For more information, refer to our Terms of Service. Other fees and minimum deposit apply.

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