How a Forbes Scoop Transformed BlockDAG: The Accidental Doxxing Unveiled

Jack R. Mitchell

Read how a Forbes article reinvented a crypto presale project to viral fame after accidentally doxxing a team member. More on BlockDAG doxxing date, and project details.

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Overnight sensations are not rare in crypto, and BlockDAG Network (BDAG) has become the latest to experience this phenomenon, thanks to a Forbes scoop. The publication inadvertently thrust the crypto presale project into the spotlight when it accidentally doxxed the identity of a member of BlockDAG’s advisory committee, Charlie Lee.

Originally capturing attention with a groundbreaking keynote that proposed a $600 million valuation by 2024, BlockDAG has continued to heat up. The project has successfully raised over $21 million in ten batches.

Is BDAG A Social Experiment By Industry Veterans; Who Is The Mysterious Charlie Lee?

Crypto enthusiasts are buzzing with speculation about BlockDAG, pondering if it might be a clever marketing strategy by industry leaders. This curiosity has deepened with Charlie Lee’s involvement, drawing further parallels with tactics used by well-known industry veterans.

For instance, this scenario mirrors JK Rowling’s 2013 stunt, where she published a book under a pseudonym. Initially, sales were modest, but they skyrocketed once she revealed her true identity. People are now wondering if a similar reveal from Charlie Lee might be planned for BlockDAG, aiming to create a buzz and drive up interest in the technology.

On X (formerly Twitter), BDAG enthusiasts have flocked to the project’s page, seeking official confirmations. Despite this heightened interest, the BlockDAG team has remained tight-lipped about their team’s identities, adding to the intrigue. This mystery is underpinned by previous rumors of a Silicon Valley heavyweight backing the project, a claim that the Forbes article seems to support, prompting a wave of new investors.

BlockDAG’s unique Proof of Engagement consensus mechanism has propelled it past industry giants like Avalanche and Ripple, boasting transaction speeds exceeding 15,000 transactions per second (TPS).

BlockDAG Sales Soar After Accidental Doxxing

The accidental doxxing by Forbes significantly propelled BlockDAG into the limelight, catalyzing a surge in its daily revenue and overall market interest. This exposure not only highlighted the approach of BlockDAG but also sparked curiosity and debate within both professional and academic crypto circles.

Following the Forbes article, BlockDAG Network’s daily revenue has skyrocketed to between $50,000 and $1 million according to unofficial sources.

The network has gained prominence for making mining accessible through mobile devices and sustainable ASIC rigs. BlockDAG Coin (BDAG), the fundamental currency of the network, facilitates mining, transactions, and access to decentralized apps (dApps). BDAG is crucial in managing transaction fees, peer-to-peer exchanges, and rewarding network validators, playing a vital role in a thriving digital economy.


Inside BlockDAG’s Secret Plans; Doxxing Date & More

In its recently released technical whitepaper, DAG Paper V2, the BlockDAG ecosystem outlines its significant achievements and sets forth an ambitious roadmap for the future. The paper invites blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and industry stakeholders to join in the ongoing development of a more accessible and effective blockchain environment.

The BlockDAG Network is dedicated to continuous innovation and enhanced security, aiming to transform decentralized systems and lead the charge toward a streamlined and inclusive digital future.

While BlockDAG’s social media channels indicate that an official doxxing event is scheduled for July 2024, the unintended disclosure by Forbes has already accelerated the project’s growth. Industry experts now predict that the year-long presale, initially planned to stretch further, may conclude within just a few months. This unexpected turn of events hints at an intriguing future for BlockDAG, as the network continues to capture the imagination and interest of the crypto community.

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