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InvestoPro partners with Samsung to feature on phones’ start page in Italy

InvestoPro SIM has entered a definitive agreement with Samsung Electronics Italia S.p.A. to profile the InvestoPro digital trading platform to Samsung users in Italy and today has launched InvestoPro Go.

Under the partnership, Samsung will profile the InvestoPro financial app on Samsung’s Quick Access, the start page of the Samsung Internet Browser, in exchange for InvestoPro paying a nominal per-click fee.

Samsung has millions of monthly active Samsung Internet users who utilize Quick Access, which profiles clickable icons for leading brands to users each time they use their browser and allows users to easily reach partner websites.

Samsung may recommend InvestoPro on App Installer

The MOU, signed in September, also contemplates Samsung recommending InvestoPro to users as an exclusive digital trading app as part of its App Installer. The parties to the MOU continue to work toward a definitive agreement relating to the App Installer.

The App Installer guides users during their first device power on procedure and presents recommended apps in popular, useful, and fun categories. App recommendations can be targeted based on age and gender and can easily be downloaded by tapping the download button.

InvestoPro aims to become a leading digital trading platform in Europe

Effective November 1, 2022, the partnership between InvestoPro SIM and Samsung automatically renews semiannually until terminated.

Prakash Hariharan, Chairman and CEO of parent company AnalytixInsight and board member of InvestoPro SIM, commented: “We’ve been working diligently to complete the Definitive Agreement with Samsung and prepare InvestoPro Go for Samsung users. These are significant achievements for our company, and we are working to position InvestoPro as a leading digital trading platform in Europe. Samsung has a substantial market share of mobile users in Europe, and we are proud to partner with them to promote InvestoPro Go to their sizable customer base.”

InvestoPro SIM also took the opportunity to launch “InvestoPro Go”, a new trading app version of the InvestoPro platform specifically designed for Samsung devices that features no fixed costs, competitive trading fees, and news reports tailored for Samsung users.

InvestoPro SIM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MarketWall group, an affiliate of AnalytixInsight. InvestoPro is being offered to Italian users through a partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo. InvestoPro SIM S.p.A. is a licensed securities brokerage firm that is authorized to facilitate investment transactions, including the receipt and transmission of online orders. is a full-service online trading platform that provides access to asset classes and ensures best execution. In addition, is home to educational material and premium platform services that help support client growth.


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