Kresus SuperApp – The Crypto All-in-One Solution

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The standout feature of Kresus lies in its robust security infrastructure, providing users a safety net in situations where traditional systems may falter. Unlike conventional setups reliant on email account details for access recovery, Kresus takes a novel approach, ensuring users maintain access even if they lose their email credentials.


Kresus is a cryptocurrency wallet and Web3 application designed to simplify interactions with blockchain technology, aiming to be user-friendly and accessible to a broad audience. Developed by renowned tech entrepreneur Trevor Traina, this innovative platform stands as the first true Web3 mobile SuperApp.

Kresus focuses on a user-centric cycle and seeks to offer a more integrated and secure experience compared to traditional crypto wallets.

Kresus SuperApp is intended to guide users through decentralized finance, NFTs, and more as it aims to make accessing Web3 and various online experiences more straightforward and secure. It prioritizes ease of use to provide a non-custodial solution that allows users control over their digital assets. 

The app also addresses common issues like being locked out of accounts due to lost login credentials. Kresus combines the features of multiple apps into one, supporting a variety of cryptocurrencies and digital assets in one wallet, and centers on security while eliminating the need for remembering complex passphrases.

Financial Backing and Industry Support 

Kresus has secured a significant $25M in Series A funding from a group of high-profile investors, including Liberty City Ventures, JetBlue Ventures, Craft Ventures, Franklin Templeton, Marc Benioff, and the Winklevoss twins. This financial backing and support from industry leaders suggests a strong potential for Kresus to facilitate the adoption of Web3 technologies.

Kresus originated within Liberty City Ventures, a prominent Web3 incubator and venture capital firm with a portfolio of over 70 companies. 

Kresus Labs and Leadership

Founded by Trevor Traina, Kresus Labs boasts a team with veterans from Hulu, Yahoo!, and Mastercard, and a tech team helmed by a Web3 expert with teaching credentials from Columbia and MIT.

Traina, with his extensive career experience, recognized the emerging trends and opportunities in the Web 3.0 space. In early 2022, he began building a team and gathering resources to realize this vision, now commanding a team of over 100 people dedicated to making Kresus an indispensable consumer gateway to Web 3.0.

Distinctive Features and Super Security 

Kresus differentiates itself with a unique design that ensures users retain access even if they lose their email account details. This security feature, along with the convenience of a virtual hardware wallet, aims to provide a stress-free experience. The platform offers high-level security without the need for complex passphrase memorization while giving users full control over their digital assets.

Streamlining Web3 Interactions 

Kresus, similar to other SuperApps, streamlines the user experience by integrating various functionalities of multiple apps, tools, and platforms into one easy-to-use mobile application. With its focus on being multi-chain and mobile-first, Kresus enables users to manage and store all their cryptocurrencies and digital assets in one unified wallet. This approach simplifies the handling of digital assets, making it more convenient for users.

Core Features of Kresus

  • 100% Non-Custodial: Users have complete control over their funds, as Kresus does not access or control any user assets.
  • NFT Accessibility: Provides the ability to mint and share 5 NFTs for free, democratizing the process of marking one’s presence on the blockchain.
  • Web3 Identity: Each user gets a free .kresus Web3 identity, courtesy of Unstoppable Domains, enhancing interactions with decentralized apps and platforms and simplifying digital asset transactions.
  • Easy Crypto Purchases: Offers instant ACH transactions, with payment options including credit cards and Apple Pay.
  • Multichain and Multi-Asset Support: A one-stop wallet solution for a vast range of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and NFTs, including Bitcoin, Solana, Polygon, and Ethereum.
  • Guaranteed Access: Ensures that users are never locked out of their accounts, even in the absence of email access.

User Experience and Security

Kresus is tailored for both newcomers and veterans in the crypto world. It provides a secure and intuitive platform, akin to having a hardware wallet but without a physical device. The Kresus Vault, featuring MPC and Account Abstraction, offers a top-tier self-custody experience.

Kresus also sets a new standard for security in the crypto space. It empowers users with unique features such as:

  • Guardian Assignment: Users can assign trusted individuals as guardians to protect their digital assets.
  • Time-Delayed Withdrawals: This feature adds an extra layer of security by allowing users to set delays on outgoing transactions. This robust security design ensures that Kresus can never access or control users’ digital assets, providing total transparency and peace of mind.

Availability and Future Plans

Kresus is currently available for download on the iOS App Store, with plans to expand to Android in the future.

Simplified Setup and User Experience

Kresus revolutionizes the user experience by streamlining its setup process and removing common pain points:

  • Goof-Proof Design: The platform eliminates the complications of traditional sign-up processes, such as lost passwords or accidental transfers.
  • Ease of Access: Ensuring that users never get locked out, Kresus offers a hassle-free and secure experience.

A Fun and Educational Platform

Beyond just being a wallet, Kresus is a dynamic and engaging platform for users to explore the Web3 world:

  • Learning and Collecting: Kresus provides resources for users to learn about minting NFTs and offers ongoing education about the evolving Web3 landscape.
  • Community Connection: The platform connects users with exciting communities, making it a hub for discovering and enjoying the wonders of Web3.

KresusConnect is a key feature within the Kresus ecosystem, serving as a bridge to the Web3 landscape. It offers:

  • Seamless Integration with dApps: Through a dedicated KresusConnect button in dApps, users gain direct and secure access to third-party sites.
  • Enhanced User Experience: It simplifies Web3 interactions and is integral in advancing the broader Web3 ecosystem.

Created to enrich the Kresus experience, KresusConnect aims to:

  • Empower Users: It enables direct connections to third-party sites and the creation of wallets directly from any dApp platform.
  • Strengthen Partnerships: KresusConnect positions Kresus as the preferred wallet partner for leading dApps, fostering innovation in the Web3 space.

Integration of KresusConnect with dApps

Integrating KresusConnect into a dApp is straightforward and beneficial:

  • Simple Integration Process: Developers can easily add KresusConnect to their dApps using the NPM package, with detailed instructions provided.
  • Kresus Affiliate Program: dApp developers can benefit from this program, expanding their projects and gaining new user bases.

KresusConnect Integration Steps

A brief overview of the integration steps includes:

  1. Installing Kresus Connect via yarn or NPM.
  2. Obtaining Project ID & Campaign IDs from WalletConnect Cloud.
  3. Setting up Kresus Connect SDK.
  4. Connecting to Wallet via App.tsx.
  5. Displaying Wallet Address.
  6. Switching between Chains.
  7. Creating Message Sign Requests.
  8. Initiating Transaction Requests.

The Kresus Affiliate Program: Empowering Developers

As part of its commitment to supporting the expansion of the Web3 ecosystem, Kresus introduces the Kresus Affiliate Program. This initiative is tailored for developers who integrate KresusConnect into their dApps, offering them:

  • Easier Wallet Connectivity: Simplifying the process of integrating wallet functionality into dApps.
  • Building Blocks for Blockchain Applications: Facilitating the creation of advanced blockchain applications.

The process for developers to become part of this program includes:

  1. Integrating Kresus Connect: Start by adding KresusConnect to your dApp.
  2. Applying for the Kresus Referral Program: After integrating the KresusConnect SDK, apply for the referral program.
  3. Completing the Affiliate Agreement: Download, fill out, and sign the Kresus Affiliate Agreement, and send it to the specified email.
  4. Earning Opportunities: Developers earn $2 for every new Kresus wallet created via KresusConnect on their platform.

Summing Up

The current market is saturated with numerous wallets, many of which appeared rapidly and offer limited functionality. Most are PC-based, single-chain, and not evolving, leading to user dissatisfaction due to their limited scope and fear of making mistakes.

Kresus believes in a different approach, advocating for a comprehensive Super App that integrates various functionalities for the user’s benefit. Drawing parallels from the browser and mobile revolutions, where numerous providers dwindled to a few dominant ones, Kresus aims to be a leading tool in this space.

Unique aspects of Kresus include its total recoverability in various scenarios, even if users lose control over their primary email account. Security is a priority, yet the wallet eliminates the need for passwords, instead relying on biometric authentication. This approach enhances both security and user convenience.

Additionally, Kresus offers low transaction fees and supports native Bitcoin transactions (as opposed to wrapped Bitcoin). As part of its user perks, Kresus provides free services like NFT minting and offers users a complimentary Web3 .kresus domain.

The Future of Kresus: A Year Ahead

As we look toward the future, Kresus is expected to be a pivotal player in a major shift within the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. 

One year from now, I envision Kresus having cemented its status as a key enabler in the Web3 ecosystem. The integration of KresusConnect with a myriad of decentralized applications (dApps) is likely to expand. 

The Kresus Affiliate Program is set to play a crucial role in its growth trajectory. By incentivizing developers to integrate KresusConnect into their dApps, Kresus is likely to see an increase in its user base and, consequently, a broader adoption within the crypto community. 

With its commitment to security and a user-friendly experience, Kresus is expected to continue evolving its platform. Enhancements in security features and further simplification of the user interface will likely attract a more diverse audience, ranging from blockchain novices to experienced users. 

Finally, the planned expansion to Android platforms and continuous product development is expected to open new markets and user demographics for Kresus. 

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