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LEANWORK opens new office in Chengdu – We take a look inside as the company expands

FinanceFeeds China joins SaaS and FX brokerage technology provider LEANWORK as the company expands to a larger facility in Chengdu, China

In China, there is no doubt that LEANWORK has prosperously evolved a mainstay among SaaS providers in forex industry.

Established in July 2014, LEANWORK celebrated its 3rd anniversary in July this year, having completed two series of financing from strong Chinese VC and Fintech Investors.

The company’s position as a specialist SaaS CRM company that focuses on providing a China-focused back office and brokerage solution to global firms has stood it in good stead as many brokerages seek to adapt their solution so that they can approach the important Chinese domestic market with a system that is familiar to brokerage practices in the mainland.

This week, the company’s expansion gained further pace, with the opening of a new office in Chengdu.

FinanceFeeds China spoke to senior members of the LEANWORK executive team at the new facility, including CEO Darren Qian who enthusiastically explained that the firm required a larger facility to accommodate its global growth.

Here is a montage from the opening of LEANWORK’s new offices in Chengdu.

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