LIVE from IFX Expo Dubai: We’re backstage and we’re coming for you

Rick Steves

Live today from iFX EXPO Dubai at the exclusive 5-star Grand Hyatt Hotel, where the trading industry gathers to attend the first live event since the COVID-19 pandemic. Speaker slots run until 6 pm when the expo doors close for the day. In the meantime, FinanceFeeds is backstage.

The FinanceFeeds team is on the hunt for brokers and solutions providers at the Grand Hyatt Convention Center.

The IFX Expo Dubai is a two-day event. Time is of the essence. Come and find us at our booth!

While speakers at the show discuss the challenges and opportunities within the industry, we’ll be backstage covering your work and finding out more about your new products and plans.

Brokeree Solutions has found strong demand for multi-server social trading services and its MT5 Gateway

Backstage, FinanceFeeds’ Nikolai Isayev spoke to Anton Sokolov, Marketing Manager at Brokeree, for the first impressions on the show, the first live industry event since the pandemic.

“It’s actually unbelievable to see everyone here in person”, said Mr. Sokolov, who is in Dubai for the first time spreading the word about the firm’s MetaTrader 4 and 5 solutions for brokers.

“We’ve recently announced a full package of services, from MetaTrader services, technical consultation, and multi-server social trading”, he continued, also expanding on the firm’s inbuilt gateway that allows MT5 brokers to connect to liquidity providers.

Anton Sokolov, Marketing Manager at Brokeree
Anton Sokolov, Marketing Manager at Brokeree

FinanceFeeds has been covering the rising popularity of fractional trading, which allows clients to buy only a fraction of the trading instrument. The new technology is being quickly adopted in times of “democratization of trading” and brokers are taking notice.

“We do have seen a rise in new traders and expanding the product offering entices that”, Mr. Sokolov said, adding that a few brokers have requested Brokeree to develop fractional trading solutions, with Gold symbols in mind. “Interesting trend but it’s difficult to manage sometimes.”

Brokeree Solutions is an industry expert in the field of MT4/MT5 platform servicing and forex solutions development. Its Forex broker solutions include an MT4/MT5 liquidity bridge, PAMM, and social trading solution.

The firm has recently integrated its multi-server PAMM with Syntellicore CRM by Dynamic Works to enable brokers to combine all benefits of turn-key technological solutions with a convenient CRM system.

Finalto announces upcoming DMA equities offering in first live event since rebranding

The FinanceFeeds team then strolled around the Grand Hyatt Dubai Convention Center to be face-to-face with Oksana Remez, Business Development Executive at Finalto.

“It’s finally face-to-face! It’s the first time that we are here with the new name, Finalto, which comprises CFH Clearing, TradeTech Alpha, and TradeTech 360”, Ms. Remez said about the branding changes.

“The industry is actually thriving because last year volatility brought a lot of volumes, active clients to the industry, and new demographics, such as traditional investors moving into online trading, and a lot of new young traders.”

Besides the branding changes, Finalto has readopted its offering. Rather than just a turnkey solution for brokers, the firm now also offers brokers access to each of its technology solutions individually.

Oksana Remez, Business Development Executive at Finalto
Oksana Remez, Business Development Executive at Finalto

“We’ve been a huge provider of trading platforms, back office, and broker solutions, but we realized that a lot of brokers look to outsource not the entire technology stack but only leverage the expertise of a platform or an experienced back office”.

Finalto now offers a customized service for brokers depending on their size and needs, where they can acquire only a piece of tech and still add more if they wish to do so.

Ms. Remez explained the firm added new features, with the trading platform offering CFDs, spreadbetting, cash cryptos. DMA equities will follow suit later this year. The user interface was revamped to be more of a company-like system, where brokers can log in only once and get access to everything.

The discussion of DMA equities led to the topic of fractionalization of trading. Ms. Remez said it was how the CFD industry started and how other products, like micro futures, also work.

Still, fractional trading is “quite positive because it will attract retail” and “that’s why we started the DMA and cash crypto offering – because we see there will be a deviation from the OTC market to the DMA market”, Ms. Remez concluded.

Your Bourse plans to expand into the Asia Pacific and will launch a bridge for crypto brokers

Next, FinanceFeeds’ Nikolai caught up with Elina Pedersen, from Your Bourse, to ask her about her first impressions of the show and what she is looking forward to over the next 2 days.

Elina Pedersen, from Your Bourse
Elina Pedersen, Co-CEO and CMO at Your Bourse

“It’s fantastic to meet everyone face to face after a long time”, she said.  Elina continued, “After the pandemic and the horrendous lockdown, it is great to meet everyone. Everyone wants to talk and they want to meet each other and discuss business. I am looking forward to meeting everyone over the next 2 days”

While talking about their services and their expansion plans, she adds, “So far, we have been focussing on the European market as that’s where we are from and where we feel confident about. But with the addition of new features, we are looking to expand into the Asian and Australian markets in the near future. The extra features include low latency in their hosting solutions and their bridge which would highly useful for crypto brokers”.

Speaking further on their strengths as compared to the usual hosting services on Equinix and London, Elina concluded, “We have recently partnered with a company called FastMT which will analyze the traffic of the MT brokers, find where the most traffic is from, and find where the pain points are from and then work with the broker to improve the latency”.


VIPtrade is proof that Georgia has big plans for an FX and crypto industry: The broker intends to expand into EU via CySEC

Next up, we met Zura Leshkasheli, CEO at Georgian broker VIPtrade, providing an FX and CFD trading offering on indices, metals, stocks, energies, bonds, and digital currencies.

Zura Leshkasheli, CEO at VIPtrade
Zura Leshkasheli, CEO at VIPtrade

Georgia, the country and not the US state, is growing its FX industry. “It’s a new product for Georgia, gaining a lot of traction in the country”, he said about FX, CFD, and crypto trading in the ex-USSR country that borders Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey and is populated by four million people.

The emerging FX industry is being supported by the National Bank of Georgia, which is the entity that establishes the rules and regulations and issues the licenses.

“It is a learning curve for them as well and they are being flexible in terms of requirements as they work and in hand to establish rules and regulations that are straightforward for companies and clients”, said Mr. Leshkasheli, who added that the central bank is developing its own CBDC.

Although an emerging FX market, the CEO of VIPtrade said turnover is already very strong as the financial situation in the country has improved and people have been flocking toward investment and trading opportunities.

The license from the Georgian central bank, however, only provides authorization to operate in that jurisdiction. So, VIPtrade has plans to expand into the European Union by acquiring a license from CySEC.

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