Polygon (MATIC) on Alchemy makes it easier for developers

Karthik Subramanian

Alchemy, which is a toolkit that is described as the AWS of the blockchain world, has announced that it has added Polygon to its arsenal which means that the developers can use Alchemy to develop on Polygon.


For a long, developers on ethereum have been using Alchemy for building Dapps but with the increases in gas fees seen on the ETH network and the congestion in the network as well, developers have been looking at other Layer 2 protocols to start building on. It is noted that the gas fees on layer 2 are sometimes 500 times less than what is seen on the ETH network.

Alchemy did realise this thought process among the developers and felt that it was time to start integrating the layer 2 protocols on its toolkit which is why it integrated Arbitrum in May, Optimism in June and now, this month, it has added Polygon.

Polygon has been, by far, the most sought-after layer 2 protocol and a number of leading projects have shifted their base to Polygon and that list includes Aave, Kyber Networks, and others.

Alchemy Product Manager Mike Garland said that “Alchemy’s Polygon tie-up is symbiotic. Alchemy’s developers gain access to Polygon and teams building on Polygon gain access to Alchemy’s developer platform, along with its infrastructure and developer tools. It’s a combo meant to fuel ecosystem growth.”

We are seeing a lot of dapps being developed on Polygon over the last few months and almost every month, we are also looking for some new dapp getting released by the developers. Apart from the major ones listed above, none of the other major apps have shifted their base from ethereum to polygon but it remains to be seen how long they would stick along. They are all probably waiting for ETH 2.0 which is expected to be bigger, faster with low gas fees but if it doesn’t deliver on the expectations, we could see more of the developers and their projects getting shunted into layer 2 protocols and maybe even other blockchains as well.

ETH 2.0 is expected to be launch sometime in the next year but irrespective of what happens with it, the developers would like to believe that both ETH and Polygon would be able to co-exist and help to build the ecosystem and carry it even further as the blockchain development world needs ethereum which has been the bedrock of all the technology growth that has happened in this industry so far.


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