Friday, June 21, 2024
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Moomoo Singapore launches 24/5 trading of US stocks and ETFs

Moomoo Singapore has announced 24-hour, five days a week trading of over 100 U.S stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs) as a ground-breaking feature to level the playing field for retail investors.

Retail investors in Singapore can now engage in round-the-clock trading of both American securities and ETFs at times that are convenient to them.

Catch up on some sleep and capture opportunities at your preferred hours

Gavin Chia, Managing Director, Moomoo Singapore, commented: “We have observed a strong interest among our local investors in round-the-clock trading of US securities, and we have responded. I hope they can now catch up on some sleep and capture opportunities at their preferred hours. Reflecting on the first quarter of this year, the remarkable growth we have achieved is a testament to the wide range of products and services that have broken down barriers and empowered local investors to explore a broader investment landscape. We will build upon this success as we move forward into the second quarter and beyond.”

Moomoo Singapore’s latest offering empowers retail investors to capitalise on short-term price movements and trade at their convenience, without needing to adhere to U.S. time zones.

The digital brokerage offers an all-in-one platform with real-time market data, and fundamental and technical analytics tools for investors to conduct stock analysis during after-hours.

According to the broker’s findings, TSLA, AAPL, MSFT, META, and BABA are the most popular to-watch U.S stocks among Singapore investors. 83% of investors also prefer to analyze stocks and consume news during after-hour periods.

The broker also revealed that, in 2023, 26.5% of U.S stock trades on the platform as of last week are placed after-hours (in the pre and post U.S market trading windows that have been available to date), equivalent to 19.6% of total trading volume.

Moomoo Singapore concluded that launching 24/5 would address significant demand for an always-open stock market where investors may react quickly to market-making news, which can happen at any time.

Moomoo Singapore launched leveraged FX trading in Q1 2023

Advancements to the platform’s products and capabilities in the first quarter, such as the introduction of leveraged forex trading and integration of the Wise API, have enriched the investing experience and encouraged more investors to choose Moomoo Singapore.

Keen investors can now place currency trades with moomoo SG to enjoy top-tier liquidity and greater efficiency with orders executed via Straight-Through Processing (STP) technology.

Moomoo SG’s forex offering is designed for both existing and new retail investors to navigate the volatile market with exposure to the world’s most liquid asset class.

Through moomoo SG, licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), investors can directly access the forex market, with competitive spreads, top-tier liquidity from institutional partners, and five days a week, 24 hours each day availability for a leveraged trading experience.

Capitalising on the wealth of educational materials on forex trading, users can watch tutorials to have a better understanding of the latest trends and risks associated with forex trading, empowering them to make smarter investments through portfolio diversification and holding a variety of asset classes.

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