Need a Sidekick? TradeStation offers one

Maria Nikolova

Born at the IdeaLab innovation center, Sidekick aims to be an intelligent trading assistant.

At FinanceFeeds, we seek to inform you about the latest developments in the online trading technology world, with one of the most recent novelties being Sidekick, a mobile application that aims to be a trader’s companion for ideas and information, while on the go.

The solution, developed by TradeStation Technologies, is available as an application for iPhone and iPad.

The application combines a personal streaming feed of real-time market events, economic and company news with other relevant information.

Sidekick discovers proven, historically tested trade ideas, which are presented to investors without all the jargon. As Sidekick “learns” traders’ investing interests, its proprietary trading strategy system tailors ideas to fit individual style. Investors are able to access real-time charts, news, earnings, fundamentals and market events.

Sidekick provides investors with access to real-time quotes, charts, and news, as well as to trading strategies, along with statistics such as percentage profitable, average winning trades, and risk-reward. The app also offers its users to follow Trade Idea channels broken down into long or short ideas, earnings news, or economic events. Investors are also able to follow their favorite stocks.

Trading Sidekick was born in the TradeStation IdeaLab, hosted and operated by TradeStation Technologies, Inc. The lab is a fintech accelerator focused on driving strategic innovation via the rapid development of knowledge, technology and capabilities. The team seeks to identify ideas that will create value for customers of the TradeStation platform. These ideas are then tested and validated, in order to get them to market.

Basically, the IdeaLab innovation center is where creative techniques are given the chance to be explored for value. The current areas of focus include customer analytics, fintech, big data and machine learning.

Another project the lab team is currently working on is Lumos, an intelligent performance dashboard. This tool tracks the users’ performance over time in order to help them identify relevant behavioral patterns that can be used to optimize their trading strategies.

Whereas Sidekick is more of a friend, Lumos is like a coach.

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