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The Fall Out from the French Elections

With France a key cog in the EU and early favorite Marie Le Pen threatening to remove France from the EU if elected, the stage was set for the very real possibility that the European Union would be no longer, says Leverate’s Adinah Brown

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Are Europe’s dark pool days numbered?

With greater scrutiny in Europe, along with the US domination of dark liquidity, Jay Patani says “Barclays allegedly informed its clients that it monitored HFT activity, while in fact it did not run the weekly surveillance reports as advertised in the bank’s marketing material. The British bank also misrepresented the quality and type of market data feeds it used to calculate prices.”

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B-book P&L is rife among many brokers but is very shortsighted. Why don’t retail FX firms execute like Tier 1 banks?

The sooner the peripheral element of the retail FX industry embodies this ethos and begins to populate its offices with professionals with institutional and interbank experience on the technological, execution and relationship side, as well as customer facing staff who understand the means by which the market infrastructure of London and New York operates, the better for everyone, including themselves.


What do traders really want?

Having positions closed on a margin, positions not opened or closed due to slippage, rollover costs, technical issues on the trader’s side and deposits not being released which causes a margin call are all critical concerns of many traders that brokers should take into account, says Leverate’s Adinah Brown