Friday, June 21, 2024
- Advertisment - adds stock options APIs to market data platform that includes FX...
- Advertisment - adds stock options APIs to market data platform that includes FX and Crypto

The newly available stock options APIs feature real-time access to every trade, quote, and custom aggregate bar via WebSocket or REST API in an efort to bring developer-centric philosophy to the stock options market.

The APIs also include open interest, greeks, and historical contracts.

“We’ve torn down a wall”

Quinton Pike, Founder and CEO at, said: “We’ve just opened a new door for developers, or more accurately, we’ve torn down a wall. If you’re a developer building software that uses market data, you’ve long been at a disadvantage to the larger players because your choices for data were either extremely low quality or extremely expensive. That’s what we’re here to solve.”

Polygon’s stock options APIs aim to provide individual application developers and algo traders with accurate and up-to-date choices previously available only to enterprise clients and major financial institutions.

The extreme scale of the data, with over a million unique options tickers active at any given time, and billions of quotes happening across those tickers every day, makes the stock options space quite a challenge for data companies. Polygon accepted the challenge and is able to process, store, and serve that data in real-time like other major enterprise market data vendors. rolled out OTC stocks

The firm has recently rolled out OTC data to every individual stocks plan on the Polygon platform, with no additional subscription needed.

Trading in OTC securities offers a comparatively small but important market compared to traditional exchange traded stocks. OTC traders can gain exposure to major international firms such as TenCent, Nintendo, and Danon through American Depository Receipts (ADRs).

Exchange traded securities, through bankruptcy and other reasons, sometimes find themselves delisted and trading on the OTC market. Risk tolerant traders test their mettle in the volatile OTC penny stocks.

Polygon’s APIs have expanded to include real time trade data for the US OTC equities market. Polygon sources this data from a FINRA feed available thanks to trade reporting obligations. Polygon’s data captures the entire US OTC equities market including trades from common “exchanges” – technically they are Alternative Trading Systems (ATSs) – such as OTC Markets and Global OTC.


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