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Autochartist Acquires Delkos Research News Event Trading Service (NETS) Technology

January 12, 2021, 12:20 pm UTC.

Autochartist Acquires Delkos Research News Event Trading Service (NETS) Technology

Delkos Research ( has sold its News Event Trading Service (NETS) technology to Autochartist ( This transaction is a result of Delkos’s increased focus on its RAZR customer behavioural analytics and segmentation product.

Autochartist plans to integrate NETS back into Delkos’s RAZR platform to enable effective personalized communication with traders being affected by news-driven volatility.

“NETS is a perfect fit into the Autochartist universe, and with our NLG technology we are able to automate multi-language commentary on news events to further reduce content production and distribution costs”, says Ilan Azbel, CEO at Autochartist.


Salvatore Buccelato, CEO at Delkos: “It seems that our new RAZR product has hit a long-standing need to target and personalize messaging to customers. With this in mind, it was an easy decision to unbundle NETS and allow us to focus on our strong customer analytics capabilities”.



About Autochartist

Autochartist has partnered with hundreds of leading Stock, Forex, Futures, and CFD brokerage firms across the globe. More than a decade later the company services millions of traders in over 100 countries through their vast broker partnerships. Autochartist sends out thousands of financial market articles and commentaries every day in over 20 languages. Autochartist prides itself on the core commitment to service excellence and ongoing market leadership through developing innovative new products.

About Delkos RAZR

Delkos RAZR allows for a customer-centric approach to efficiently personalize at scale and increase Client Lifetime Value to maximize the return on investment of customer acquisition cost. Capturing and utilizing client behavioral insights to shape content, product, promotion, and user experiences provide a crucial advantage in the highly competitive FX/CFD space. 

Technology has evolved how individuals consume financial products and services.  Our passion for simplifying our partners’ customer retention means your firm will be part of the customer-centric revolution.

October 26, 2020, 2:58 pm UTC.

Devexperts Strengthens the DXtrade Platform: Second Update Rolled Out

Devexperts, a leading global software provider for the capital markets industry, has deployed a set of updates for DXtrade, a SaaS trading platform for FX/CFD brokers.

DXtrade was designed for new and expanding brokers, including those seeing DXtrade as a kick-start for their business and those looking to add a real powerhouse platform to their current software range.

For brokers’ dealers and administrators, DXtrade has a functional and customizable backend to help set up risk management or segment their traders. For traders, the platform features useful widgets such as Trading Journal or Dashboard that visualize performance.

The second update showcases the following features designed specifically for brokers:

  1. Management of subscription to 3rd-party services
  2. Ex-Dividends widget in DXmc (management console)
  3. Cash Movements widget in DXmc 

For traders, the Devexperts team have rolled out the following:

  1. Improved UX/UI in the web platform for adding widgets and auto-resize columns
  2. Small improvements of the Economic Calendar
  3. Filter by asset class in table filters
  4. Watchlist UI improvements (improved buy/sell buttons)
  5. Gross Net P&L in Trades/Order history
  6. Open Live account and EULA link

The next update will be devoted to the DXtrade mobile application. The final testing stage is now almost complete. Devexperts has given their mobile app a total redo that contains the most sought-after features. Stay tuned and see you in December!

September 30, 2020, 5:12 pm UTC.

How can cTrader benefit your brokerage?

Many of you are already aware that Spotware is celebrating its 10th birthday – an entire decade in the industry filled with excellence, amelioration and new partnerships, all based on our core Traders First™ motto. But how exactly does the cTrader Suite help both start-up and existing brokerages, and which features make it stand out in a competitive market? Let’s take a look.

The idea behind cTrader

cTrader was established as a premium STP/ECN platform for both brokers and traders worldwide. What began as just a trading platform grew into an entire selection of products – the cTrader Suite, packed with cTrader Copy, cTrader Automate and cTrader Analyze, all available on PC, Web, IOS & Android.

With 60+ world-renowned brokers, millions of traders and over 40 integrations with leading liquidity providers, CRMs and data-vendors, cTrader Suite is the product of choice for a range of reputable brokers. The customer-centric idea of the platform works to grant traders the ultimately transparent all-in-one experience they seek, and to benefit brokers by helping them stand out from the crowd and grow their customer base.

How cTrader stands out from competition

When it comes to cTrader, the complete experience isn’t just for traders, but for brokers too, which is why cBroker as a tool first came to exist.

cBroker is an all-inclusive, broker-oriented platform, used for superior business reporting. With a complete and fluid structure, cBroker collects all necessary information about traders’ and managers’ activity, from transactions to execution and deal reporting for transparent access to all events and daily operations in your trading environment.

With the top number of reporting features in the industry, a powerful back-end and a convenient layout, cBroker can best be described as limitless. It comes equipped with:

Unlimited scalability
Unlimited number of accounts, groups and symbols
Netting, hedging, Shariah-compliant and AMF accounts availability
Multiple types of execution: Full Volume at Spot, Full Volume at VWAP, Partial Volume at VWAP
Dynamic leverage, dynamic commissions, an integrated IB program, white label licensing, an open API and much more.

All these features translate into maximum customizability that brokers usually miss out on when dealing with traditional trading platforms, which tend to be strict and inflexible.

Additionally, cTrader does not have any hidden payments. The core package includes:

Desktop Platform
Web Platform
Mobile Platform
Branded applications
Unlimited number of Accounts / Groups / Symbols
Group Settings Profiles

And much more.

How cTrader works for start-ups and established brokerages

Following the Swiss Franc shock of 2015, the FX industry had fallen under strict regulator control. Transparency and fairness have become more valuable than ever before, and cTrader has become the top destination for many traders fearing for the safety of their funds. As a result, established brokerages flocked to cTrader in order to respond to new-found trader needs, while discovering the utter convenience of a trading platform truly catered for their personal needs.

Whether you are a startup or an established broker, cTrader can help you grow your customer base and therefore – increase your market share. You will gain the necessary competitive edge, and offer your traders a complete trading experience with a premium ECN/STP platform.

As a start-up broker, in turn, you need a platform you can fully rely on. cTrader offers just that with a pricing model tailored specifically for start-up brokers. As a result – you can easily enter one of the most attractive markets with a leading multi-asset Forex and CFD trading platform.

It is often not understood what we mean by Traders First™, but the truth is – both – a platform provider and a brokerage business could not work without traders. By staying one step ahead of the retail market and putting their trading needs first – we develop a larger market share and a loyal community, which is of essence in today’s competitive Forex business.

If you wish to find out more about cTrader and to join our ever-growing community, do not hesitate to contact us today by clicking here

September 29, 2020, 11:42 am UTC.

HotForex honored with the coveted “Best Forex Trading Conditions Global 2020” award

HotForex, the internationally acclaimed multi-asset broker on CFDs, has been awarded the coveted title of “Best Forex Trading Conditions Global 2020” by International Business Magazine, confirming it is a preferred and trusted broker globally.

Over the years, HotForex has invested greatly in improving the trading conditions provided to its international client base by combining competitive pricing, execution speed, innovative platforms, world-class service and full transparency with regards to its services. Its decade-long commitment to offering traders these outstanding trading conditions is what has differentiated the company among the industry. 

HotForex CEO George Koumantaris commented: “We are delighted our company has been recognized with this major accolade. The award reflects our constant efforts to provide clients from many different parts of the globe with the same business integrity and ensure the best trading experience possible for all. We will continue to work hard on enriching, optimizing and perfecting the trading experience for our clients through competitive conditions, full transparency and the highest regulatory standards.”

September 23, 2020, 7:28 am UTC.

TraderEvolution partners with Singaporean broker-bealer UOBKayHian

One of the most rapidly growing end-to-end technology providers in the industry, TraderEvolution, continues to increase its portfolio of partnerships. The latest deal the company announces is with one of the largest broker-dealers in Singapore, UOBKayHian. The firms have announced a new partnership which will enable the brokerage company to offer a seamless multi-asset trading platform solution to its clients.

The broker-dealer based in Singapore has a strong regional presence and is committed to the continued development of its offering. With the ongoing development of new products, featuring multiple asset classes, the firm has turned to a proven technology leader in the industry to deliver a next-generation experience to UOBKayHian’s retail and high net worth individuals and corporate clients.

TraderEvolution is complimentary to the broker’s strategy to offer its clients access to trading a multitude of asset classes, including futures, and listed options as well as CFDs on equities and indices, leveraged FX and metals. UOBKayHian’s partnership with the multi-asset platform provider ensures the scalability of its offering and seamless perspective for adding access to more financial instruments.

“The addition of this important partnership in the Far East perfectly underscores our capability to adapt to the needs of different markets. The combination of multi-market product offering, retail and corporate clientele and specifically customized requirements made this project to be very much in line with our specialization. We are continuing our expansion across different geographies and are pleased to help with such ambitious projects,” the CEO of TraderEvolution, Roman Nalivayko commented.

September 8, 2020, 10:36 am UTC.

Centroid Solutions now aggregating CMC Markets liquidity

CMC Markets Institutional – a leading provider of liquidity and white label trading solutions – has today announced an integration of its comprehensive, multi-asset Direct API with Centroid Solutions. Providing a range of real time analytical tools and sophisticated risk management functionality, Centroid offers a one-stop solution for brokers looking to optimise their performance.

 Richard Elston, Group Head of Institutional at CMC Markets, commented:

“As a business, we continue to expand the number of connectivity providers, allowing our liquidity to be made available to a growing number of brokers. With a focus on quality and the ability to screen out potentially toxic flow for their clients, not only does Centroid make a great addition to that cohort, but the business also highlights how the market is evolving to ensure a level playing field can be maintained for all.”

Centroid Solutions clients can access liquidity providers, customise STP and execution rules and keep their brokerage activity synchronised at all times. This latest integration will enable Centroid to additionally offer access to CMC Markets liquidity, which includes almost 10,000 different instruments covering a range of CFD indices, commodities, FX pairs, treasuries and stocks, strengthening their proposition within the brokerage community.

Richard Bartlett, Head of Business Development at Centroid Solutions, commented:

“We have incorporated the latest quant-based risk management and analytics tools into the most advanced and flexible aggregation engine, facilitating connectivity to a wide range of popular trading platforms. Including CMC Markets rich liquidity here adds another dimension to our proposition, something that will help strengthen our appeal in this continually evolving market.”

Centroid is a technology provider that combines real-time analytics, sophisticated risk-management, and advanced connectivity with extensive industry-knowledge to improve risk-adjusted performance and strengthen sustainability for brokers.

August 13, 2020, 11:15 am UTC.

Spotware Celebrates 10 Years of Fintech Innovation

It has now been 10 years since Spotware, and soon after its flagship product – cTrader, have entered the market and became the epitome of Fintech innovation.

10 years of continuous growth, development and updates, a journey that began from a new-born trading platform with its Traders First™ idea at the core and which has led to one of the most sought-after, trader-chosen products out there, boasting with features and integrations, appreciated by some of the largest and most well-known brokers worldwide.

How it all began

Andrey Pavlov and Ilya Holeu founded Spotware in 2010, and launched the cTrader platform less than a year later. Fintech experts with years of technology and FX industry experience, they have given their all to create a product free from all the downfalls they have seen first-hand throughout their careers. Transparency, fairness, impeccable execution and a trader-centric approach have become the key to the product and the market loved it.

From the moment of signing the first broker to surpassing 50% of some of the largest brokers’ monthly volumes and releasing numerous charting and cloud features, it became clear that cTrader has a lot to offer the fintech industry. The first step towards cTrader’s bright future ahead has been taken.

Where cTrader stands today

With 60+ world-renowned brokers, millions of traders and over 40 integrations with leading liquidity providers, CRMs and data-vendors, cTrader Suite is no doubt the product of choice. cTrader’s STP/ECN customer-centric platform works both ways: granting traders the ultimately transparent all-in-one experience, and benefiting all types of brokers by growing their customer base, and hence increasing their market share.

With so much to offer, and as many reputable awards as the platform had received over the years, is cTrader planning to slow down on innovation and enjoy the fruits of its labour? Definitely not! Believing in innovation to succeed, the Spotware team is working hard on a daily basis to not only accommodate, but to surpass the standards of the competitive FX industry and become the best trading platform provider out there.

 “We are already far beyond industry standards in terms of the feature-set, usability and philosophical appeal of our product. And we intend to strengthen that further.” Andrey Pavlov – the CEO and Founder of Spotware comments on his company’s 10th birthday.


If you wish to start your own brokerage, or are interested in finding out more about Spotware’s cTrader, please visit:

August 12, 2020, 8:25 am UTC.

TraderEvolution Integrates ICE Data Services Consolidated Feed

End-to-end trading technology provider TraderEvolution continues to build up its strategic relationships with a brand new integration with ICE Data Services. The collaboration enables TraderEvolution to offer its customers unique pricing and normalized exchange data from ICE Data Services’ Consolidated Feed. ICE Data Services is part of Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE).

The ICE Consolidated Feed aggregates content from 600+ sources and offers cost-effective, low latency access to depth-of-market data and multi-asset content to power proprietary and 3rd party applications and desktops across the front, middle and back office.

The multi-asset class coverage, including high quality evaluated pricing, spans across equities, derivatives, fixed income, foreign exchange, money markets, commodities, energy and ETFs, and now becomes readily available to TraderEvolution’s broker customers.

Commenting on the collaboration, the CEO of TraderEvolution, Roman Nalivayko said: “We are very excited to unveil this data-oriented collaboration. ICE Data Services provides global coverage which is in line with the concept that we pursue at TraderEvolution to offer a universal and diversified multi-market solution. This integration is important for us to deliver a fully-functional trading software covering multiple global markets.”

With more and more brokerages expanding into multi-asset trading, firms are dealing with an increasingly large and complex pool of assets sourced from different trading venues. This requires easily scalable trading technology for obtaining, managing and distributing market data. TraderEvolution enables its broker customers to add real-time and delayed quotes, as well as automated instrument updates. For brokers that aggregate data from numerous exchanges around the globe and manage thousands of instruments, automation has become a mission-critical part of their processes.

About TraderEvolution

TraderEvolution is a multi-market trading platform provider offering modular, tailored solutions that include a back-end with established connectivities to dozens of markets across the globe, and a complex front-end suite with web, mobile and desktop applications. The company serves banks and brokers from around the world, empowering them with an independent and liquidity-neutral solution to facilitate core brokerage operations or to complement their existing solutions. For more information please visit:

July 29, 2020, 12:28 pm UTC.

Sucden Financial launches TY3 matching engine

Sucden Financial, the global multi-asset execution, clearing and liquidity provider, has launched its TY3 (Tokyo) matching engine, in conjunction with FlexTrade Systems.

The new matching engine targets Asia-Pacific clients, providing a significant reduction in cross-region latency and an overall enhanced experience, with improvements to liquidity and price discovery during Asia trading hours. Combined with Sucden Financial’s established NY4 and LD4 infrastructure, the addition of TY3 brings ultra-low latency access to the company’s unique and customised liquidity across all three regions.

Phil Kim, Head of eFX Sales, Asia-Pacific

“We are very excited to add our TY3 venue to Sucden Financial’s ever-expanding suite of eFX products, as well as for our partnership with FlexTrade. This launch underlines our continued commitment to enhancing our services within the Asia-Pacific region, even during these times of global uncertainty.”

Manish Kedia, Global Head of FX and Managing Director, FlexTrade APAC, stated: “We are delighted to be working with Sucden Financial, one of the world’s leading FX providers. This partnership to create an ultra-low latency solution for APAC clients is in-line with our long-term commitment to the region. We believe that with Sucden Financial’s top-quality liquidity and our best-in-class solution will make this collaboration a great success.”

July 14, 2020, 8:37 pm UTC.

ParagonEX Dynamic Fine -Tunes Its Bestseller – SimpleX

ParagonEX Dynamic the leading fintech providers with years of experience in developing innovative, efficient, and easy to use trading software. The company focuses on creating products and services that will meet and exceed the expectations and needs of the business owners, whether they are brokerages, which are just starting out, or they are companies with long experience in the trading industry. Therefore, ParagonEX Dynamic offers a wide variety of easily integrable White Label platforms to its business partners. Such a platform is SimpleX.

SimpleX Forex Trading Platform

The bestselling Forex trading platform from the ParagonEX’s portfolio of services is SimpleX – a fintech solution for beginners in Forex trading. It has been one of the company’s most recognizable products and has brought the most success to the customers over the years. 

SimpleX is a simplified alternative to the company’s infamous platform – ForexPro. The main difference between the two is that they are intended for different levels of experience of the traders using them: ForexPro is for advanced and professional traders and SimpleX is suitable for the upper levels, as well as for novice traders.

SimpleX is built with a specially designed user-friendly interface, which allows any broker to reach the mass traders and can be easily integrated into an already existing trading platform. The platform provides a comprehensive “How to Trade” walkthrough in just 10 simple steps” tutorial, which will make any beginner trader feel safe and secured while trading.

SimpleX Tools and Features

As for the included tools and features, the platform contains all core tools for Pro traders such as Take Profit, Stop Loss, and Risk Sensitivity. Traders can enjoy the enhanced features every professional trader desires. All the traders need to do is to take a position – Up or Down. SimpleX is also powered with a wide variety of charts, multiple assets, and retention tools.

The platform’s sleek and modern design is responsive, meaning that is matches all screen sizes and device types in the market so the traders can enjoy a flawless trading experience everywhere they go. With its intuitive and flexible interface, SimpleX also conveniently allows users to trade from any platform with the same username and password.

One of the key features that this platform offers is the two-way API integration to your website to achieve a truly faultless and leading-edge experience. As a guarantee for a 100% flawless functionality, ParaganEX Dynamic has provided a 24/7 technical support for the SimpleX’s users.

The main advantage of SimpleX, as well as any other ParagonEX Dynamic’s trading platform, is the full access to the company’s All-in-One CRM. This is a user-friendly environment with comprehensive reports and statistics with full control and transparency of both traders and affiliates. It includes excelled retention tools and bonus schemes, as well as additional analysis and various enhancements.

Like any other white label trading platform developed by the company, SimpleX is also fully customizable and can be quickly integrated into an existing website. The software is an excellent solution for the brokerages who want to take full advantage of the simplicity it offers. Through the custom settings, brokers can easily apply and charge a commission for every trade. SimpleX provides the opportunity for convenient, simple, and effortless trades with a high self-conversion rate.

ParagonEX Dynamic’s SimpleX guarantees a flawless experience with countless possibilities, which can ensure the increase of profitability of your business. 

If you need to learn more about SimpleX or other Forex trading platform, you can contact PargonEX Dynamic at [email protected].

July 2, 2020, 1:49 pm UTC.

Can shops really set a minimum card spend? – Op Ed

By Callum Richard, a UK-based copywriter and law graduate, with a background in the legal and banking industries. Having worked in the Intellectual Property department of a leading firm of solicitors, he has a broad experience of brand protection and development, the luxury sector, and financial management.

If you’ve been shopping recently, the chances are that you’ll have used your credit or debit card – and maybe even have tapped on a contactless card reader. The use of credit and debit cards in place of fast-declining cash is a cornerstone of the UK’s economy, with debit cards having overtaken physical money during 2017 to have the most transactions by volume. But what happens if a shop won’t accept card payments unless you spend a certain amount?

With the EU’s Payment Services Directive (PSD2) now in full effect, the difference between a card surcharge and a minimum spend limit could have a significant impact. Read on to find out what your rights are and whether you could be losing out by insisting on your own minimum card spend limit.   

What are minimum card payments? 

A minimum card payment, minimum card spend or minimum card limit is the smallest amount you can spend before a business will accept payment via debit or credit card. Minimum card payments are most commonly imposed by small, independently run businesses and are generally set at approximately £5 but can reach much higher levels. 

Why do some shops have a minimum spend on card?

There are many explanations why shops might set their own minimum spend limits for card transactions, but some make more sense than others.

A common reason for implementing a minimum card payment amount is to avoid the cost of processing fees. Whilst most consumers will accept this as logical, it’s worth keeping in mind that most processing fees these days are calculated as a percentage of the individual transaction and so the amount charged will always be proportionate to the total spend.

Time is money, and businesses also frequently cite queue time as reason for setting a minimum card spend. This is because they believe that it’s much quicker to take cash than it is to deal with a Chip and PIN payment – especially when there’s a small spend involved. This is certainly an excuse that would’ve held water in years gone by, but with widely available contactless payments, taking cash could actually be the factor that leaves customers queuing for longer than they need to.

Is setting a minimum card spend legal in the UK? 

To answer the big question, yes, it is legal to set a minimum card spend in 2020 Britain. There are currently no laws that prevent businesses from setting a minimum spending limit for card transactions.  

That being said, there are some rules set out by the major card networks which prohibit merchants that accept their cards from setting minimum and maximum limits. Visa (who operate the popular visa card and visa electron card networks) and Mastercard (who operate the Mastercard and Maestro card networks) both enforce a rule against establishing any minimum or maximum transaction limits. Any businesses that do set a minimum card limit risk being penalised by their card services provider, which could result in them losing out on future trade from customers using those cards. 

Are card surcharges legal in the UK? 

A card surcharge is different to a minimum card payment, and involves a business charging their customers more simply for paying by card. If a business sets a surcharge, it will generally be applied if you pay by card, regardless of how much you spend with them. Card surcharges originally existed to help businesses account for the costs of card processing – but the law has since moved on and they are now illegal. 

As of January 2018, the EU’s Payment Services Directive (PSD2) has outlawed the practice of businesses charging more for customers who use a debit or credit card. In the past, card surcharges were accepted as the norm but now they are the subject of frequent action by Trading Standards officers and local authorities up and down the UK.  

With the UK now having left the European Union, some businesses raised the question of whether PSD2 and its ban on card surcharges still have effect. Fortunately for consumers, the UK parliament voted on the law back in March 2017 and so card surcharges should remain a thing of the past even despite Brexit having gone ahead. 

Why setting a minimum card spend could damage your business

Whilst setting a minimum card spend might seem like a sensible choice for some smaller businesses, doing so could leave you out of pocket and with a shrinking list of regular customers. Cash machines are vanishing from Britain’s high streets at an alarming rate, and making it more difficult for the public to spend with your business is unlikely to encourage brand loyalty.

As the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic begin to bite, it’s also clear that the public are less inclined to use cash than ever before. A survey from cashpoint operator LINK showing that 54% of people surveyed were actually avoiding physical money, whilst COVID-secure contactless payments have seen a huge rise. At a time when cash is on the decline, making it harder for customers to spend in other ways could be counterproductive and leave them seeking out a competitor who accepts card payments of all kinds. 

Fortunately, however, there are options out there for businesses who decide that now is the time to invest in a better payment solution. Merchant services provider UTP Group, for instance, offer a full range of contactless-enabled Ingenico card readers and mobile card machines. There’s good news for those small businesses who might think to impose minimum card spends for cash flow reasons, too. With a same day funding package, opting for a merchant services account with UTP could see money hitting your account within just hours of a customer transaction.

There was a time when setting a minimum card spend or even a card surcharge were widely accepted business practices. With changes to the law and even to consumer opinions, however, failing to adjust and adapt could leave your business losing out to better-equipped competitors.

June 30, 2020, 11:53 am UTC.

TraderEvolution Breaks New Ground with Borsa Istanbul Integration

Multi-market online trading platform provider TraderEvolution continues to make strides with its flagship product. The company is now offering connectivity to Borsa İstanbul, a key exchange in one of the biggest emerging markets worldwide.

TraderEvolution is now officially enabling access to all equities and derivatives traded on Borsa Istanbul. The link to Borsa İstanbul underpins the trading software company’s commitment to creating a product that is suitable for different financial marketplaces.

The multi-market offering delivered by TraderEvolution has integrated both market data and order routing with Borsa Istanbul. The integration across different asset classes and support for unique customisations enable the software company to continuously innovate.

Commenting on the news, the CEO of TraderEvolution, Roman Nalivayko said: “We are very proud to have successfully integrated our trading platform with Borsa Istanbul. This milestone underpins our commitment to deliver a true multi-market platform to the online trading industry.”

“Every customer using the trading platform who wants to get connected to the Istanbul stock exchange can with our platform get instant access to market data and trade delivery. There is no need for the development or integration of any APIs as our product is ready to connect out of the box,” Nalivayko elaborated.

“Positioning itself as a regional hub for investment in the effort of creating financial center in İstanbul, Borsa İstanbul invests heavily to improve its technology and accessibility of its markets. To reach this goal, Borsa İstanbul is not only expanding its colocation area to facilitate greater number of customers but also is trying to make Borsa İstanbul’s market available to end-client platforms to reach more investors worldwide.

Trader Evolution’s integration helps our existing and potential investors to access to our market and data secure and easy way.” said Alpogan Sabri Erdogan, Executive Vice President at Borsa İstanbul.

About TraderEvolution

TraderEvolution is a multi-market trading platform provider offering modular, tailored solutions that include a back end with established connectivities to dozens of markets across the globe and a complex front-end suite with web, mobile and desktop applications. The company serves banks and brokers from around the world, empowering them with an independent and liquidity-neutral solution to facilitate core brokerage operations or to complement their existing solutions.

About Borsa Istanbul

Borsa İstanbul, with historical roots going back to 1873, is the sole provider in Turkey of trading, settlement, custody and registry services for a wide range of products such as equities, debt securities, repo, sukuk, warrants, options, futures, certificates, and exchange traded funds (ETFs). Through its markets, Borsa İstanbul offers corporates, investors and traders in the region a broad range of financial products suited to their needs, and efficient access to extensive capital markets. Post trade and depository services are offered by its majority-owned subsidiaries of Takasbank (Istanbul Settlement and Custody Bank) and MKK (The Central Securities Depository).

June 17, 2020, 4:19 pm UTC.

Spotware’s cTrader wins Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform award

cTrader, the premium Forex and CFD trading platform developed by Spotware, the leading financial technology provider offering comprehensive trading solutions, has been globally recognised as the Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform of 2020, by the Global Forex Awards – B2B.

cTrader is a multi-asset platform with a vast range of markets, offering manual, copy and automated trading, while also covering all types of traders’ needs. cTrader features advanced analytical tools, a wide range of order types and responsive charts with more than 70 indicators. It is compatible with PC, Web, Android and iOS environments, supporting the entire trader lifecycle and boasting intuitive interfaces. 

Alexander Geralis, Business Development Manager at Spotware, commented: 

“We would like to thank everyone who voted for us, showing their support and trust in cTrader and recognising it as the leading multi-asset CFD trading platform all over the world. We remain committed to continuing to build on our success, by always improving our platform and delivering even more innovative and value-adding solutions to both traders and brokers. With our Traders First™ approach, as well as the values of fairness and transparency, we will continue to create new products, while also perfect our existing offering, keeping traders’ demands at the top of our priorities.”

For more information about cTrader, please visit:

June 15, 2020, 3:55 pm UTC.

REGIS-TR partners with Cappitech

REGIS-TR is teaming up with Cappitech in connection with its partnership programme. Reflecting the already close collaboration, the official partnership will see a continuation of the common work across EMIR, FinfraG, SFTR and UK EMIR regulation, underpinned by REGIS-TR’s and Cappitech’s services complimenting one another to deliver a streamlined, end-to-end service to all clients. Cappitech’s compliance platform automates the reporting process, providing a full view on a single dashboard for reporting regimes across Europe.

”We are delighted to formally welcome Cappitech, a leading provider of regulatory reporting solutions, into our partnership programme,” said Nick Bruce, Head of Business Development at REGIS-TR. “They are a significant addition to the existing list of market intermediaries that we closely collaborate with to deliver flexible, client centric solutions, which is increasingly important at a time when market participants face the significant challenges of new and changing regulations, as well as provider consolidation. This partnership comes shortly after the third leading EU trade repository withdrew their licence, and both REGIS-TR and Cappitech look forward to ensuring a smooth transition process for impacted clients who will be required to switch TR.”

Ronen Kertis, CEO of Cappitech said: “We are pleased to partner with REGIS-TR who have substantial EU coverage for EMIR, SFTR, and FinfraG; bringing value to our clients with those reporting obligations. Our connectivity with multiple trade repositories offers our clients the ability to decide which end point they want to report to and provides the flexibility needed especially given recent changes in this space.”

June 8, 2020, 1:26 pm UTC.

cTrader Brokers Can Now Connect to Gold-i’s Matrix NETwork

Brokers using Spotware’s FX and CFDs trading platform, cTrader, can now connect to Gold-i’s Matrix NETwork to access a wide range of multi-asset liquidity and utilise Gold-i’s advanced liquidity management tools.

Through the Gold-i Matrix, cTrader brokers can access a full spectrum of asset classes, including FX, equities and cryptocurrencies.

According to Alexander Geralis, Business Development Manager at Spotware, “We believe in providing cTrader brokers with tested solutions that add value in how and what options they have to manage their price feeds and liquidity. Gold-i’s Matrix is a good tool in terms of aggregation, reporting and routing. Whilst these tools are traditionally used more by large brokers, start-up brokers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and demanding them as well.”

“We are pleased to have worked on this integration with Gold-i. Forward-looking integrations, such as this one with Gold-i, are part of our strategy and one of the reasons why cTrader continues to capture market share. In today’s competitive market the broker really needs to have all the options and flexibility available and we also believe that FX brokers need to offer a variety of asset classes as it is becoming increasingly difficult to specialize only in FX.”

Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i adds, “We began this partnership at the request of a client who was keen to use the cTrader platform. The integration not only enables cTrader brokers to access the Gold-i Matrix NETwork but also provides increased flexibility and added value for our clients who may wish to use cTrader as an additional platform. cTrader has an excellent reputation amongst brokers of all sizes and we look forward to this new, mutually beneficial partnership.”

June 5, 2020, 11:22 am UTC.

ParagonEX to showcase one stop shop for your financial business at Virtual Vision Finance expo

The leading Fintech provider, ParagonEX, will take part in the upcoming “Virtual Vision Finance” expo, which will be held on June 10th. The exhibition will last for 24 hours so that people located in different time zones, interested in starting a business in the fintech industry or looking for ways to improve their strategies, can have the opportunity to jump aboard and have a talk with the representatives of the leading companies in the field.

In the 3D Expo Hall, you will be able to take a look at what over 100 brands have to offer and interact with them. If you are already in the financial trading industry or you are trying to start a brokerage, and you are searching for answers on how to grow your business, look no further. ParagonEX experts‘ team will meet you at their “One stop shop for your financial businessbooth to help you solve this problem. 

The company provides a wide variety of Fintech solutions for businesses, suitable for different levels of experience. Its representatives – Amnon Goldrat, CEO of ParagonEX Dynamic, Brett David, Business development manager Europe at ParagonEX, and key representatives of the Account management & Success, Risk management and Marketing & Sales teams at ParagonEX Dynamic, will demonstrate what the company’s products and services are capable of doing to accelerate the success of your business.

ParagonEX is going to present its three key solutions – ParagonEX Prime, ParagonEX Dynamic and ParagonEX Network, each of them developing specific trading platforms and services tailored for the individual needs of their current or soon-to-be business partners. The fully customizable software solutions provide many opportunities for your company growth.

There will be no better place to stop by, but the ParagonEX booth if you are just starting out in the financial trading industry and you are wondering which will be the right choice for you – White Label (WL) trading platform or Licensed trading platform. As the company provides both solutions for years now, there is nothing better, but to get a piece of expert advice on which one will best suit your business model. You will get the opportunity to have a close up look at the state-of-the-art WL platforms from Dynamic and the Licensed trading platforms from Prime.

The team will be there not only to answer all your questions and to give you advice, tips and strategies that may open the doors for future business opportunities, but they will also demonstrate to you their signature platforms – Forex Pro, SimpleX, Newbie trader and Crypto Invest, which have brought great success to their business partners.

Even though the event will be virtual, all the companies will be eager to meet new potential business partners, their already satisfied customers, and friends among other Fintech brands. The expo is part of the reinforcements needed to turn the wheel of the industry fast again.  

If you are interested in attending the “Virtual Vision Finance” expo and you would like to have a one-on-one demonstration on how to maximize profitability using ParagonEX’s products you could send a request via e-mail: [email protected], or fill in the contact form.

May 26, 2020, 2:39 pm UTC.

What gives ParagonEX Dynamic an edge over many Fintech providers?

ParagonEX Dynamic is a brand created by the parent company ParagonEX – an enterprise with more than a decade of experience in the trading Fintech sector. ParagonEX Dynamic specializes in creating and providing ultimate B2B trading software solutions

Recently, the company held a webinar covering topics such as: What does the future hold for FinTech?, What to look for in a trading platform?, What are the best tools and strategies for starting a brokerage business? etc.  

The webinar intended to shine a light on the opportunities the “trading and investment” branch from the Fintech industry has to offer during uncertain times and volatile markets. It received a great appraisal from the numerous audience, since the CEO of ParagonEX Dynamic, and the Heads of the departments – people with years of expertise in their fields, presented the information. 

Many questions were answered, and a very important one was among them:

What makes ParagonEX Dynamic different from other tech providers?

Nikola Kerefein, Key Account and Success manager at ParagonEX Dynamic, gave a fully detailed explanation on the matter.

Here is a summarized overview of how the company and its services differ from others.

ParagonEX Dynamic is here for the long-haul

The years of experience of a company in a field matter. And they matter big time. The parent company is in this industry for more than a decade, enough to make their products and services flawless, enough to know what the clients want and what they really need, enough to guarantee their customers the best possible quality they could get.

ParagonEX Dynamic is created to ease the choice for the new brokerages, as well as investors by providing excellent B2B trading software as business solutions. 

This would not be possible without the skills and knowledge gained throughout the years and the needed resources to do it.

Success Managers as part of the Account Management Team

One of the key differences between ParagonEX Dynamic and other tech providers is the attitude they have towards their clients. The company policy is to maintain a tight relationship with them not as one-time customers but as business partners and to stay next to them along their way to success.

For that reason, the company provides a Success Manager, assigned to every new business owner using its services. As the main vision of ParagonEX Dynamic is to bring each and every client to success, the managers have the task to be there for them when taking every step of their journey – from establishing communication, through the integration of the services, to support in developing their brands. This also includes professional advice when making business decisions. 

This way ParagonEX Dynamic and its clients can lay the foundation of a mutually beneficial business partnership.

ParagonEX Dynamic White Label Trading Platforms

ParagonEX Dynamic is one of the leading companies for White Label (WL) trading platforms. The WL platforms are the most preferred choice not only for startups but also for the businesses that are already established on the market, because of the many benefits they have over developing your own trading software. 

Some of the positives of the WL platforms include:

  • Customer and tech support by the provider
  • Integrated payment methods
  • Data stored on provider’s servers

The company offers fully customizable WL platforms, specially tailored to meet every customer’s demands and needs. WL is a great solution to jumpstart your business right away.

ParagonEX offers other options, so you can choose between a licensed trading platform and a white label trading platform as your business solution. 

Improvements and upgrades

To stay relevant and competitive in the Fintech industry, companies need to constantly up their game. That means an everyday dedication to software upgrades, service improvements, as well as innovating upon innovating.

The company has proved to be ahead in this game for some years now. The numerous satisfied customers are the only credible evidence needed for that. The team strives to adopt new trends and innovations, and implement them to their services for better user experience and faster business growth.

Technologies and Tools

One thing that ParagonEX Dynamic is especially proud of is its software UX/UI design. It has been well thought and carefully developed with simplicity in mind, to the point where now it is easily recognizable by users. It has become a well-known part of the brand.  

As for the tools, the company has a wide array of features you can take advantage of for your business. 

Their business partners have access to analytical tools, online tutorials, cutting-edge widgets, advanced operational tools and so much more. And, of course, there is probably no need to mention that there are mobile and desktop apps for every solution you choose.

These are just a few of the advantages the company has over other Fintech providers that were presented on the webinar. 

For further information, check ParagonEX Dynamic website or send your inquiries at [email protected].

May 14, 2020, 7:20 pm UTC.

How cTrader puts Traders First – Guest Editorial

By Panagiotis Charalampous, Head of Community Management of cTrader at Spotware

Traders First™ has been our motto since the inception of cTrader. While many might think that this is just a marketing trick and a nice to hear slogan for traders, Traders First™ approach is a way of living for us, and a concept closely associated with our business model and success. In this article, I will try to explain why Traders First™ is not just a catchphrase, empty of meaning, but rather a solid business strategy to which we remain committed even a decade after we started working on this project. 

So how does cTrader place Traders First™? The common perception would be that because there is no fee charged to the traders for using the platform, then Spotware’s direct clients are brokers.

Thus it is their needs that Spotware has to fulfill as at the end they pay the bill. While there is a portion of truth in this statement, indeed brokers pay the bill and we care about them as much, what is not mentioned is what the bill consists of. cTrader is not offered on a traditional software licensing basis, where the client pays for a license to the software company and a support fee to keep the software up and running.

Instead cTrader is offered on a platform-as-a-service basis and brokers pay fees based on the volume traded on the platform. This means that the more traders trade, the more money we make. And when do traders trade more? Of course when they are successful. Hence, cTrader aims to attract successful traders and enable them to remain successful in the long term. We want traders to succeed, it is a win-win situation for us.

So how do we put Traders First™ in action? The pillars of our strategy are the following:


  • Intervention-free platform. We host and manage everything on our infrastructure. Brokers cannot mess with price feeds, your orders, your trading and your trading history. Brokers just get a back end application allowing them to setup accounts, symbols, commissions, spreads, monitor the activity and, essentially, do what a broker’s job is to do.
  • Feature rich platform. We aim to provide traders a platform with advanced trading features that allows them to have a competitive advantage compared to traders using other platforms.
  • Continuous community driven development. We continuously improve the platform with enhancements stemming mostly from community feedback. We interact with traders through various channels on a daily basis and we update and upgrade the platform several times a year.
  • Top notch infrastructure. We are not stingy when it comes to infrastructure. We host our platform on high end hardware supported by a worldwide proxy network ensuring a fast and reliable operation all around market hours. 
  • Transparency. We believe in transparency. All trading activity is logged and presented to traders in an easy to understand manner so that they always know what happened with their trades. 

Summarizing the above, we have built a business deeply dependent on traders’ success. This is why based on internal reports there are about 35% more successful traders on cTrader, than the industry average. For us, the more the traders stay on our platform, the better. And the more successful they are, the more they stay. We have no interest in scam brokers and we have nothing to gain if traders lose their money and abandon the platform. Therefore every trader should rest assured that cTrader is on her or his side, always putting Traders First™.


More information: 

April 27, 2020, 9:48 pm UTC.

Devexa Chatbot Integrated with Salesforce to Automate FX Brokers Customer Support

Many retail stock and FX brokers use Salesforce as their CRM to manage their client base. Many of them have tried to employ chatbots integrated with SF, but those chatbots lacked intelligence. Instead, the brokers needed a digital assistant that would be able to derive the necessary information from the CRM & trading platform’s data and send it to the client to take the burden off the support desk.

Devexa is now able to interact with SF data and represent a broker’s support & sales desks in any messenger that has a chatbot API. Users can be onboarded, converted into real clients and served in Facebook, Viber, and Telegram.

Functionality that Automates and Speeds Up Onboarding

It is a common case that users want to be onboarded as fast as possible and to have immediate access to a trading platform. On the broker’s side, it often requires some time – from several hours to even several days. As the traders usually want to start trading within the moment, they keep asking the broker’s support desk on the status of their approval.

For the help desk personnel, it might take several minutes to find out the answer – find out the client’s details, open to the Salesforce app, distract the info from the client’s profile, and come back to the client with the update on his status – all that the chatbot could fetch from the SF instantly. Making the clients wait, unaware of the status of their application, can lead to poor customer satisfaction.

Below are three examples of how automation can be used to lighten the workload placed on brokers’ customer service desk.

1. Check Account Status On-Demand

Clients can check their application status (while going through KYC and AML procedures) directly via the digital assistant, omitting the broker’s support desk. For example, the client would be able to see if there are any necessary steps or documents they’ve skipped in the sign-up process.Check Account Status On-Demand Clients can check their application status (while going through KYC and AML procedures) directly via the digital assistant, omitting the broker’s support desk. For example, the client would be able to see if there are any necessary steps or documents they’ve skipped in the sign-up process.

2. Push Update on Account Status

Devexa can send notifications about a status change to the client in the form of a push notification. For example, the user can receive a push notification that their photo or scanned document was not accepted (e.g. if the photo was blurred or distorted).

3. Upload of Documents

Users can upload documents such as their ID or proof of residence via Devexa (if such use of messengers is permitted by a respective regulatory body). They send the missing/pending documents, which will be uploaded straight to the client’s profile in Salesforce and associated with the lead from Devexa’s dialogue.


Devexa not only works with Leads and Accounts entities in Salesforce, but it can also track deposits/withdrawals.

One of the most frequent requests a broker’s support officer receives is to check the status of a withdrawal. Other chatbots can only answer with canned responses about how much time it usually takes to process a withdrawal request.

Devexa can deliver the information from Salesforce that can be disclosed to clients and craft a personalized response depending on the actual status.

Devexa informs the trader on their withdrawal status derived from the broker’s Salesforce


U: What’s with my withdrawal?

D: Your withdrawal request for 400$ is currently pending since 2020-04-17 15:36:55

U: When do I receive my money?

D: Your withdrawal request for 400$ has been processed at 2020-04-17 16:11:45

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[email protected]
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