Priorities of a highly-focused manager

Maintaining focus and knowing how to prioritize are fundamental skills of a good manager. It is important to understand what the role of the manager is as to allow complete focus on those tasksthat should be specific to that particular manager.


Being a manager is an art form. It can be challenging, it can be stressful and it can be exciting, all at the same time. Managers often face an avalanche of urgent matters and having the ability to maintain focus and prioritize, is a skill that must be developed and nurtured. In order to drive your brokerage further and create the most impact, a good manager must focus on certain priorities. Following are 7 priorities that require the focus of a good manager:

1) Guarantee quality growth. Growing is a given goal for brokerages, but establishing the correct KPIs to track and measure growth is essential for a skilled manager. Growth can be measured in various ways. Is the number of initial deposits increasing? Is the lifetime of existing clients lengthening? Is the company launching new products or services? Is the number of clients increasing? A good manager must find more non-traditional ways in which to measure growth

2) Foster trust. Generating trust within an organization creates an atmosphere of professional and personal greatness and it is a manager the main generator of trust inside your company. A manager that showcases knowledge, experience and confidence is a manager who generates trust in the company from the part of the employees. A good manager at your brokerage knows the products the organization sells, like the back of his hand, he knows every process and everyone’s role within the organization and how to leverage everyone’s strengths to achieve greatness.

3) Plan for the future. A good manager is always prepared for the unexpected and plans for the future. While most employees are focused on today, good managers are inherently focused on tomorrow. A good manager must have good understanding of the surrounding circumstances, acute intuition and perception so that when tomorrow arrives, they are prepared to face the changes. A good manager that has a constant pulse on the market knows how to best take advantage of unexpected changes in the market, whether regulation, currency volatility or customer wants and needs.

4) Cultivate a positive culture. Corporate culture is one of the most important assets an organization has. Fostering a flexible, innovative and resilient corporate culture can help an organization go through even the most challenging times and succeed even when faced with the unknown and unexpected. A good manager acts as the moral authority charged with keeping the corporate culture focused, special and unique so that the very best talent is attracted and retained.

5) Love the customer. Being customer focused brings tremendous benefits to a company. When an organization is attuned to the client’s demands, opinions, suggestions and needs, it essentially designs a free advertising machine that promotes your products and services through word of mouth. A good manager teaches by example and promotes a philosophy of “love your customer.”

6) Promote innovation. Although a manager may not necessarily be the one who is innovating, he/she is the one to promote an atmosphere conducive to innovation. A good manager sets up an atmosphere in which others feel encouraged to innovate, whether it is to try new sales techniques or new promotions, a good manager lets the team be creative.

7) Govern. A manager is above all, the one responsible for guiding the actions of the organization and of making decisions when they are needed. Making the right decision may sound like a simple task, but it is truly an art.

Maintaining focus and knowing how to prioritize are fundamental skills of a good manager. It is important to understand what the role of the manager is as to allow him/her to focus on those tasks only he/she should be doing.

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