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QB taps low-code Genesis to launch enhanced algo performance management in Q4 2023

Quantitative Brokers (QB) has partnered with low-code development platform Genesis Global to advance algo transparency, enhance trader productivity, and deliver a customized algorithm performance monitoring platform tailored to QB’s clients’ unique requirements.

The provider of advanced execution algorithms and data-driven analytics for futures, options, and OTC fixed-income markets will leverage Genesis to launch a new order monitoring system that elevates QB’s real-time management and proactive support services for thousands of client orders worldwide.

Monitoring child order execution prices, slippages, and participation rates

QB’s client support and trading teams will be able to visualize data on trade execution performance across asset classes, including futures, options, and US Treasuries.

The OMS will issue real-time alerts on algorithmic performance relative to client benchmark parameters and provide rich analytics to best interpret algorithm behavior. The firm plans to offer the extended algorithm performance management platform to clients in Q4 2023.

The partnership aims to meet client demand for real-time analytics, including child order execution prices, slippages, and participation rates. The system will be a cloud-based, web-native solution leveraging desktop interoperability technologies, enabling seamless integration to client’s existing workflows.

“Real-time understanding of algo performance is crucial for traders, risk officers, and portfolio managers”

Asset Tarabayev, Chief Product Officer at QB, said: “We are thrilled about our partnership with Genesis Global. This collaboration enables us to deliver a next-generation platform to our clients, enabling them to efficiently and effectively achieve their goals in today’s rapidly evolving financial markets. Real-time understanding of algo performance is crucial for traders, risk officers and portfolio managers. Our aim is to provide them with a powerful tool that offers the visibility and interaction they desire.”

Stephen Murphy, CEO and co-founder of Genesis Global, commented: “Monitoring and analyzing the performance of complex trading algorithms illustrates the power of the Genesis platform. The platform can deliver the customizable user interfaces required for monitoring and process the volume of data required for real-time analytics and performance measurement. We are delighted to be working with Quantitative Brokers on this innovative solution.”

Matt O’Hara is the new Executive Chair at Quantitative Brokers

Earlier this month, Matt O’Hara started his new role as the new Executive Chair of the Board of Quantitative Brokers (QB) after five years of Thomas Ascher’s leadership.

O’Hara’s primary responsibilities remain at sister company 360T, where he is CEO of 360 Trading Networks, Inc., the Americas division of 360T, Deutsche Boerse’s foreign exchange trading venue.

QB currently supports the world’s largest exchanges, covering over 100+ futures instruments and US Cash Treasury markets. QB’s robust suite of premium algorithms — Bolt, Strobe, Legger, Closer, Octane, The Roll and Striker — help futures and fixed-income traders achieve best execution, while reducing implicit trading costs.

QB’s algorithms are provided in common EMS/OMS platforms, via the firm’s proprietary application on the Bloomberg App Portal, or directly via FIX.


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