Enhancing Broker Efficiency and Cost Savings with Turnkey Integrations of DXtrade CFD/Crypto Platform

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Devexperts aimed to create a truly turnkey experience for brokers licensing the DXtrade CFD and DXtrade Crypto platforms. These platforms cater to FX, CFD, and crypto brokers, providing them with seamless integration and enabling a quick launch by offering all the necessary integrated components.

This approach has positioned DXtrade platforms as an excellent investment for startup brokerages and those seeking to expand their platform offerings. Brokers can now avoid the complexities of integrating third-party software and bridges, as all necessary integrations for liquidity, client portals, CRMs, financial news, economic calendars, marketing tools, and analytics are already built into the DXtrade platforms. By selecting their preferred partners, brokers can swiftly proceed with their operations. The licensing expenses for DXtrade also encompass these integrations, making it a cost-effective choice.

Let’s explore the available partners for FX, CFD, and crypto brokers, categorized as follows:

Liquidity Hubs and Providers:

  1. GCEX: A regulated digital brokerage authorized by the FCA, providing brokers with access to deep liquidity in digital assets and FX. Devexperts collaborates with GCEX to offer Tier 1 liquidity in forex and crypto markets.
  2. Centroid: This integration grants FX and CFD brokers direct access to Centroid’s ultra-low latency liquidity aggregation engine, with connectivity to over 100 market-makers. Centroid Solutions and Devexperts work together to develop top-notch technology and services for brokers and traders.
  3. Your Bourse: A technology provider enabling DXtrade brokers to operate a central order book based on matching engine technology. This partnership facilitates liquidity aggregation across forex, CFDs, and crypto, connecting DXtrade brokers to 30+ major banks and Tier 2 liquidity providers.
  4. Brokeree: DXtrade CFD integrates seamlessly with Brokeree’s Liquidity Bridge, a flagship solution for managing large liquidity volumes from multiple sources. DXtrade brokers can configure various business models, including in-house risk processing, hybrid A/B book, DMA, ECN, and pure STP.
  5. PrimeXM: Integration with PrimeXM’s XCore solution grants DXtrade brokers access to an ultra-low latency network comprising 120+ global liquidity providers, such as Tier 1 banks, ECNs, and exchanges.
  6. OneZero: As an EcoSystem partner, Devexperts collaborates with OneZero to offer DXtrade brokers access to a secure ultra-low latency network. This network includes over 200 retail brokers, institutional brokers, banks, and liquidity providers.
  7. FXCM Pro: Devexperts has partnered with FXCM Pro, the institutional arm of the FXCM Group, to provide forex and CFD liquidity.

Client Portal and CRM Providers:

  1. FXBackoffice: DXtrade brokers have the option to integrate FXBackoffice for a client cabinet, CRM, and back-office solutions. FXBackoffice, a technology provider based in Cyprus, offers customization possibilities along with off-the-shelf solutions for FX and CFD brokers.
  2. FYNXT: Another turnkey choice is FYNXT, a Singapore-based technology provider offering client portal and client management solutions. FYNXT specializes in user-friendly UIs designed to provide a unified and intuitive experience for both novice and seasoned clients.
  3. TradeCore: TradeCore, a UK-based technology provider, pioneers the industry with BrokerIQ, the first CRM for brokers since its launch in 2013. BrokerIQ combines multiple platform management in a single UI, encompassing KYC, payment, and trading data, including trading history and open positions.

Financial News and Calendars:

  1. FXStreet: As a longstanding partner, FXStreet embeds news and an economic calendar directly into DXtrade platforms as widgets, benefitting both brokers and their clients.
  2. MT Newswire: DXtrade integrates with MT Newswire to receive real-time global financial news from original sources. MT Newswire is a trusted choice for major banks, trading platforms, wealth management firms, and research applications worldwide.
  3. Moody’s: DXtrade provides integration with Moody’s, a renowned credit rating agency offering financial news, research, and event assessments. This integration enhances the informational resources available to brokers and their clients.
  4. ForexLive: DXtrade brokers receive real-time news, analysis, and market insights through the integration with ForexLive, a platform bringing together authors and contributors who provide impactful news affecting the FX markets.
  5. Dow Jones: DXtrade brokers benefit from the integration with Dow Jones, accessing global business news, exclusive insights, and financial information.

Marketing and Analytics:

  1. AppsFlyer: DXtrade brokers can leverage AppsFlyer integration to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns for mobile apps and analyze mobile user behavior.
  2. Acuity: DXtrade offers integration with Acuity for market analysis in the FX, CFD, and crypto markets. Acuity utilizes NLP technology to provide market insights based on parsed global news.
  3. Forest Park FX Tech: Brokers can arrange and conduct trading contests and prop trading for clients with ease through the integration with FPFX Tech.
  4. Devexa: DXtrade is bundled with Devexa, an AI-powered chatbot for support and sales desks. Clients can conveniently access the chat widget within the web trading terminal, receiving instant support and personalized marketing offers without the need for additional browser tabs.


Devexperts ensures brokers have an extensive selection of liquidity providers, client portals, CRMs, financial news sources, economic calendars, marketing tools, and analytics. With no reliance on third-party software and bridges, DXtrade platforms are the ideal choice for startup brokerages and those expanding their platform range. The comprehensive integration of features guarantees a swift and hassle-free launch for brokers, while the licensing expenses cover all necessary integrations, making DXtrade a truly turnkey and cost-efficient option.

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