Questrade enhances equities trading platforms

Questrade enhances equities trading platforms

In the first upgrade to its equities trading platforms in 2017, the Canadian company focuses on improved research tools, alerts and better margin information.

Canadian financial services provider Questrade has just announced the latest set of upgrades to its equities trading platforms – IQ Edge and Questrade Trading, the first raft of improvements the solutions undergo in 2017.

IQ Edge

The focus of the latest IQ Edge update, the company explains, was to improve margin visibility and to provide more in-depth research tools to assist traders in making informed trading decisions.

Now, users of the platform can see the maximum amount they can borrow on margin for each individual security as well as long and short margin rates. A strategy grouping view has also been added to the platform, so that (as the name suggests) traders can observe open derivatives and equities positions by strategy. This, in turn, enables traders to better understand their collateral and margin allocations.

To get improved charting and research, IQ Edge traders can add corporate actions and fundamental data to their charts. On top of that, users of the platform can also make use of a new quantitative study, thanks to the addition of the William % R study. This is a momentum indicator that compares the close of a stock to the high-low range over a period of time, usually 14 days.

IQ Edge, a downloadable, desktop platform, targets active and pro traders. It provides custom trading environment, advanced trading orders, and the opportunity for an easy start thanks to pre-installed option trading layouts.

Questrade Trading

The focus of the latest Questrade Trading upgrade is securing timely access to high-quality information.

Traders can now create and manage custom alerts for investments they own and those on their watchlists so that they are automatically notified by email when significant events occur. Users of the platform can choose from pre-defined conditions such as price, 52-week high/low, and high volume changes.

The platform layout is improved as traders can obtain their balances information faster and more easily with the new balances tab. Moving away from the floating panel currently available will help them navigate on smaller screens and configure the trading platform in a way that suits them best.

The improved currency displays show balances simultaneously in both Canadian and US dollars.

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