Sunday, June 23, 2024
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HomeIndustry NewsUnited Fintech expands into Americas with hire of Mark Lawrence from Goldman
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United Fintech expands into Americas with hire of Mark Lawrence from Goldman

Mark comes in with loads of experience in sales roles as he was with Goldman Sachs for 14 years in various sales roles in London, New York, and Hong Kong. His latest role with them was as LATAM Head of Electronic Fixed income, currencies, and commodities and he had also led an e-FX sales team for the US while being at Goldman.

His experience should be very useful for United as he has worked in the Americas and also in sales roles that are very close to what United will be looking towards him for.

Christian Frahm, Founder, and CEO, United Fintech: “The US is a cornerstone in the financial markets industry and having people on the ground in both London and New York close to decision-makers and clients at banks and financial institutions is critical to our success. We now have the power and presence to deliver a global offering.

“I am thrilled that Mark has chosen to join United Fintech. He has an impressive international profile, a strong track record in sales, and a wide network of contacts worldwide. He is the ideal person to head up our American operations and further strengthens our extraordinary sales team – between them they have strong and established relationships with the world’s most influential financial institutions.”

United fintech acquires and scales small fintech startups that satisfy its various criteria with the idea to create a giant fintech one-stop-shop that banks and other financial services firms can look up to when they look to get rid of their legacy systems and move to digital banking. The company was started in November 2020 and within a short period of time, it has been able to grow fast with the acquisition of 2 companies, NetDania and TTMZero.

Mark Lawrence, Director, and Head of Americas, United Fintech: “United Fintech is on a mission to scale and distribute the very best fintech in capital markets through partnership and collaboration. We want to work closely with our financial institution client base to provide elegant solutions for automating workflows, easing onboarding, delivering efficiencies, and saving costs. This refreshing and positive approach is hugely appealing to me and defines United Fintech.

“I worked closely with Tom when we were both at Goldman Sachs and have known Christian for many years. I’ve always been impressed by Christian’s incredible vision and energy and the talent with which he surrounds himself. This is an exciting opportunity to board the United Fintech ‘rocketship’, leverage my 14 years’ experience at Goldman Sachs and help play a major role in the journey ahead.”

The company is planning a series of acquisitions to cover the various aspects of capital markets operations so that when banks or other firms approach it, the company can work with these founders to provide the financial firms with the best solutions.

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