Zonda Review: An Accessible and Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange for All

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The world of cryptocurrency has exploded over the last decade, morphing from a small market with select investors into an international phenomenon. To facilitate this growth, new cryptocurrency exchanges from across the globe have given users a platform to invest in their favorite cryptos.


However, as a fairly new system, blockchain and cryptocurrency as a whole is often seen as too complicated for beginner investors. Many of the world’s leading exchanges are, frustratingly, only useful for those that already understand crypto, how it works, the various investment methods, and the new language that this sphere comes with.

In order to overcome these challenges and simplify cryptocurrency for all, Zonda set out to create an accessible exchange. With low fees, a strong background in financial regulatory bodies, and a range of user-friendly features and interfaces, Zonda creates a streamlined crypto exchange experience.

In this article, we’ll be turning to the crypto exchange powerhouse that is Zonda, breaking it down and explaining why it’s risen to such international acclaim over the last few years.

Let’s get right into it.

Introduction to Zonda

Zonda has made a name for itself as the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Central and Eastern Europe. With an FIU license, as well as Italian and Canadian financial licenses, this platform offers integrated buying and selling of cryptocurrency on a massive scale.

With over 1 million active users, this exchange has a plethora of fantastic features that make this the go-to platform for users around the globe. Keeping simplicity as its core, the app includes the same comprehensive features that other platforms offer, yet ensures they are intuitive and straightforward to use.

Zonda has a strong background in regulations, ensuring that customers are able to invest their money into cryptocurrency without worrying about the safety of their funds. Over time, the platform has become synonymous with low fees, fantastic features, and an excellent customer support team.

Another major benefit of the platform for Polish users is the ability to deposit transfers in PLN, instead of having to convert to EUR or USD. For the large proportion of users that are based in Poland, this flexibility provides another advantage over competitor exchanges.

Where Does Zonda Come From?

Zonda was founded back in 2014 by Sylwester Suszek, aiming to serve as an easy way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. At that point in time, the company was known as Bitbay, with the name change to Zonda only coming in 2021. Starting out in Poland, the platform quickly rose through the ranks and began to dominate the Polish market.

One of the main driving forces that pushed Zonda was its continual system of updates. Zonda would regularly update the platform, ensuring that customers always had access to the finest tools and functions. This state-of-the-art experience, especially considering that cryptocurrency wasn’t nearly as popular as it is today, drew in customers from across Eastern Europe.

Due to its highly-functional platform, Zonda quickly won a range of cryptocurrency exchange awards, including:

  • Best Cryptocurrency Exchange 2017 by Cryptocurrency World Expo
  • Best Cryptocurrency Exchange 2018 at the Berlin Summit
  • Best Blockchain Exchange of the Year 2019 by Invest Cuffs

Alongside crypto-specific awards, Zonda also won the Polish Innovation Award for 2017, given out by the Polish Congress of Entrepreneurship. This prize marked their rise to fame, with winners of this often having a fantastic future in business within Poland.

In 2019, the team relocated to Estonia, with BB Trade Estonia OÜ becoming the main operator of the platform. With this partnership, Zonda then gained its Finance Intelligence Unit (LIU) license, further accelerating the progress this company was making. As Zonda then began to face more international markets, its name change marked a new era for the company, reaching a point of expansion and success that had not before been seen in this space.

Since late 2021, Zonda has set their sights on international expansion, aiming to break into world markets over the next 18 months.

What Problem Does Zonda Solve?

Over the past five years, the popularity of cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed. With this wave of public intrigue, new cryptocurrency exchange platforms have sprung up across the globe. Some of the more recent platforms air on the side of rapid development, instead of following a path of financial regulation.

The speed with which these platforms have been created and deployed has led them to lack the regulatory approval of their geographic territory. Zonda, having been established all the way back in 2014, had years of moving through the slow regulatory processes to become fully supported. With comprehensive regulatory approval, Zonda is a much more secure crypto platform than many other competitors.

Beyond this, one common critique of cryptocurrency and exchanges, in general, is that they’re far too complex to understand. For those unfamiliar with crypto, which is upwards of 98% of the population, transitioning onto crypto exchanges that are fully immersed in the language of cryptocurrency can be an overwhelming experience.

Zonda attempts to facilitate an easy onboarding into the world of cryptocurrencies, providing users with educational tools and an easy interface. The latter has made the platform incredibly accessible to newcomers, clearly documenting and explaining how to invest in cryptocurrency.

Due to its ease of use, strong backing by financial regulatory bodies, and low fees, Zonda represents the very best of what cryptocurrency exchanges can offer.

Key Features of Zonda

As a people-first exchange that makes investing in cryptocurrency as easy as can be, Zonda has a range of excellent features to aid in the customer experience. Everything from advanced investing tools for seasoned crypto experts to the basic set of exchange functions are included on the platform.

There are a number of features of Zonda that make it such an accessible cryptocurrency exchange:

  • Buy and Sell Crypto
  • Exchange Across Multiple Currencies
  • Easy Fiat Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Easy Setup
  • Safety Features
  • The Zonda Academy

Let’s break these down further.

Buy and Sell Crypto

Having been live since all the way back in 2014, Zonda has honed their offering over the years. In 2022, the platform is a joy to use, with an intuitive UX allowing users to create and execute trades with ease. As a platform that’s fully FIU regulated and that has an anti-money laundering system in place, Zonda creates a comprehensive, yet safe, environment for trading.

Zonda buy and sell crypto

This system allows users to buy and sell their favorite cryptocurrencies with ease, with over 180,000 transactions taking place every single day on the network. The platform has a comprehensive currency page, providing information about different top performers, weakest performers, total trade volume, and in-depth statistics on every crypto you could think of.

Whatever cryptocurrency you’re interested in trading, there’s a strong chance that Zonda has the capabilities to buy and sell that medium.

Exchange Across Multiple Currencies

A core part of cryptocurrency that many other platforms overlook is the customer’s desire for flexibility. Instead of being fixed to a certain cryptocurrency or locked into only one fiat currency, Zonda allows users to make live exchanges at their discretion.

Users are able to initiate exchanges across fiat and crypto pairs with ease. No matter which direction they want to select, users can make transactions like:

● Crypto to Fiat
● Fiat to Crypto
● Crypto to Crypto
● Fiat to Fiat

This flexibility allows users to trade exactly how they’d like, creating a more comprehensive exchange system for their audience.

Easy Fiat Deposits and Withdrawals

When investing in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin, users often plan how much they’re going to buy in relation to the currency exchange price to their local currency. Whether that be USD, EUR, GBP, or even PLN, users are able to make fiat deposits right into their accounts.

This means that a new user can deposit their local currency and instantly buy a cryptocurrency, with Zonda supporting card, bank transfers, and instant bank transfers of fiat deposits. Equally, this service goes directly the other way, with users being able to liquidate their positions in cryptocurrency and withdraw fiat currencies directly to their bank accounts.

Zonda keeps ease at the center of their offering, helping users to manage the buying and selling of cryptocurrency in relation to a fiat currency that they’re comfortable in.

Easy Setup

Especially for users that aren’t particularly versed in the world of cryptocurrency, creating an account on public exchanges can often be a difficult task. With a new vocabulary and the concept of creating a digital wallet, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Zonda targets these problems by creating a 5-step method for beginning to trade on the account. In only a few minutes, a user can create a new account, verify their information, secure the account with additional security features, make a deposit, and get trading.

It couldn’t be easier to get started buying and selling cryptocurrency.

Safety Features

Zonda places the safety of their users’ funds above all else. With this in mind, there are a range of distinct safety features that they employ to fend off hacks, phishing attempts, and other nefarious external intentions.

Within the Zonda platform, users have access to a range of different safety features:

● MFA – With two-factor authentication, users must have two potential devices that have access to the platform to log into their accounts. This means that even if an attacker managed to find a user’s password, they still wouldn’t be able to get into the account.
● Encryption – The Zonda servers are fully encrypted with full redundancy, allowing the platform to be as safe as possible.
● KYC & AML – With a hefty range of financial regulatory backings, Zonda has a total policy against money laundering and terrorism financing, creating a safe space for all of their users.
● Cold Wallets – All user funds are stored on cold wallets, preventing any potential hacking events from occurring.
● Transfer Authentication – All external deposits and withdrawals are authorized and validated by Zonda employees, helping to prevent fraudulent transactions on the platform.

And that’s only the beginning. Zonda is fully committed to creating an accessible cryptocurrency exchange that places security first.

The Zonda Academy

To support their active community and help newcomers learn more about cryptocurrency, the platform launched the Zonda Academy. Within this academy, users can move through free courses that teach absolutely everything users need to know about cryptocurrency. Starting with a beginner’s guide to crypto, all the way up to an advanced crypto course, Zonda has a comprehensive guide on absolutely everything.

Users are able to dip into these pages, moving through new information and learning as they go. If there’s a concept within crypto that they don’t understand, a user only needs to navigate to the live page to learn more about that system. With a lesson of the week going into more depth on a topic every single week, this platform has become a fountain of useful knowledge.

Zonda make crypto less cryptic

The aim behind the Zonda Academy is to craft a system where beginners can learn more and experts can refresh their knowledge. With something for everyone, this free bank of resources further demonstrates the commitment that Zonda has to make cryptocurrency accessible for all.

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency exchanges have come a long way in the past few years. None exemplify this onward innovation and progression quite like Zonda. Growing quickly into a powerhouse exchange in the Eastern and Central European markets, this platform has now begun to garner international attention.

With its impressive range of features, commitment to security, low fees, and range of educational content for its users, this is a wonderful exchange for those interested in buying and selling cryptocurrency. Especially for newcomers, the easy onboarding process, combined with the educational modules available, makes the world of crypto much less complicated.

With accessibility and security at its core, we can’t wait to see how quickly Zonda grows on the international market.


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