5 apps a successful broker must have

5 apps a successful broker must have

While there are apps to help you make your life easier, deciding which are the best ones can be a little bit harder. Leverate’s Adinah Brown looks at five user friendly examples

Running a Forex brokerage is no easy feat. You are not just focused on bringing in traders, which is the lifeblood of your business, but you have to manage tens of add-ons like supervising payroll, hiring new personnel and handling everything from the internet being down to shopping for office supplies and making sure there is enough coffee to keep everyone running.

The demands of running your own business can often be overwhelming. However, as mobile apps have become more prevalent, you’ll find that there are hundreds of apps available, especially designed to help you be more productive and organized.

Everything from staying on top of your income and expenses, to keeping a to-do list and delegating tasks to people in your team. All of it can be accomplished with the slide of a finger and the push of a button.

While there are apps to help you make your life easier, deciding which are the best ones can be a little bit harder. So, we have selected the top 5 apps that are used by the most successful brokers in the industry.

Mobile CRM  – Zoho

Your CRM is a powerful tool, but if you are not in front of your computer, then you disconnect yourself from the wealth of information your CRM provides. Tools like Zoho enables you to take all this valuable data and information insight with you, wherever you go. At the same time keep a constant view of what your business looks like and how your sales team is performing.

Trading App – Sirix Mobile

If you are going to offer a mobile trading app to your clients, make a wise choice and go with Sirix.  Offering both standard trading and social trading, this puts a powerful Forex platform directly under your fingertips.  With a highly intuitive UI, track your P&L, margin and positions, amongst its numerous offerings.

Charting App – Forex Chart Widget

With this widget on your home screen you are always just one tap away from a quick look at the charts of the major forex pairs. Select the periodicity which ranges between 5 minutes to weekly, compare relative chart performances which ranges from one day to one YTD and compare positions from the most highly traded currency pairs.   

News and Education – Investing.com

When it comes to news and trading information, investing.com should be your go to, if it isn’t already. Available as an app, investing.com offers a constant stream of financial news, technical analysis and real time quotes for financial instruments. This app is helping thousands of users stay on top of the markets everyday!

Mobile budget – Expensify

When you own your own business, even the small expenses count. Use Expensify to keep track of business expenses like cab fares and business lunches, store receipts and catalogue them by categories. If your employees use Expensify as well, they can share their expense reports with you at the end of each month. This is such an outstanding app that it is no wonder it processes more than $2 million in expenses every day.

Stay on task and up to date while you are away from your desk and let these apps help you boost your productivity and change the way in which you run your business.


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