Do your clients believe you based on your landing page?

Do your clients believe you based on your landing page?

Using unrealistic or inflated promises on retail brokerage websites will make people wary and think that an offer is too good to be true says Leverate’s Adinah Brown

As a Forex brokerage, your landing page is the fuel that moves your business, and one of the most effective ways to grow it. Without a landing page that converts, you are dead in the water.

Your brokerage’s conversion rate is directly proportionate to the level of trust your audience has in your company. You may have worked hard in designing your landing page, spent time, energy and money in bringing it to life. You may have established connections with affiliates to aide in your acquisition, and yet, the visitors that come to your landing page are just not converting.

What is it that inspires one visitor to a landing page to take action and convert, while others simply bounce back? Well, when you are designing a landing page with conversion in mind, there are certain do’s and dont’s that can make the difference between building your brokerage’s credibility and killing it.

The herd behavior, power to the masses. When I was in middle school, the gummy bracelets were all the rave. Hideous bracelets that every kid in my school wore around his/her arm simply because everyone else did it too. Then the colored shoelaces were a hit, and the big hair, and the list is endless. Today, look at your Facebook feed and see how posts and photos all follow a certain theme, a trend. That is because we like to do what others do. People trust what others are doing because they think ‘Hey, if so many people are doing it, it must be good’. Leverage that to build trust and credibility in your brokerage. Talk about the number of customers you have, the countries you serve, use testimonials.

Make your visitors feel safe. Featuring marks of trust on your landing page will make visitors feel secure about dealing with your brokerage and handing you their hard earned dollars. We know you have it in your ‘Terms and Conditions’, but don’t just hide it there, display the reasons why they should deal with your company, front and center. Do you have a withdrawal authorization guarantee? Write it. Are payments secure? Tell them. You are licensed and regulated? Make it known. Summarize your refund policies and quality service assurances and place them center stage on your landing page.

The grammar police. Whether you like it or not, your company’s credibility will be judged by how well or how poorly your write, grammar and spelling errors are huge credibility killers. It isn’t necessary to write fluffy copy, you can use a conversational tone, but make sure it flows nicely and it makes sense. As sure as you may be of your spelling capabilities, always have someone else review your copy. Familiarity of text is tricky and as many times as you may go through your copy, spotting your own spelling errors may not be possible.

Don’t over-promise. It is a well-known fact that headlines are the most crucial part of a landing page, but using the right headline copy is even more so. Using unrealistic or inflated promises will make people wary and think your offer is too good to be true. So will using vague claims. If you make a claim about being the best, the biggest or the brightest, back it up with facts. Click bait will get you visitors, but it will lose you credibility. If someone clicks expecting something based on your headline, don’t disappoint them. Deliver what you promise.

Keep your design professional. People are quick to judge a book by its cover and in a fraction of a second, a visitor to your landing page will decide whether to stick around or leave, so make sure the first impression is professional and that the look of your site relates to what you are selling. Blinking, Las Vegas-style banners, pop-ups and moving or flashing banners don’t exactly scream “trust”.

Add your contact information. Feature your company’s contact information, including your address and photos of your offices and/or employees. It’s important to put a face to your business and show customers that you truly exist.

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