Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Best Cryptos to Buy Before the Real Bull Run Kicks Off

This selection is critical as the market surges ahead. Understanding the importance of timing and potential, this article highlights several promising cryptocurrencies. It presents these options in a manner that aims to inform and guide readers through the current market momentum. Ideal for those looking to make strategic investments, the article points out cryptocurrencies that may lead the charge in the ongoing financial surge.

Over $6 Million Raised: BlastUP Presale Continues, Offering Up To 1000% Potential ROI

BlastUP has been getting a lot of attention lately thanks to its high potential to become a major force in the crypto industry. This pioneering launchpad on Blast has already attracted over 15,000 active users

The ongoing presale of BlastUP is a huge success, more than $6 million raised so far. The BlastUP token is considered by crypto experts as a hidden crypto gem that can skyrocket 1000% by the end of this year. 

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BlastUP helps crypto startups grow faster and earn more. As BlastUP forges ahead, it remains committed to creating a global hub for the Blast community. BlastUP is rapidly gaining traction for the benefit of all participants in this ecosystem.

BlastUP’s roadmap extends into 2026, promising the introduction of AI-driven tools and the Community Marketplace, further enriching the ecosystem’s capabilities.

 The BlastUP token, a cornerstone of the platform, unlocks access to tiered IDO launches, staking rewards, and exclusive loyalty benefits.

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Starknet Price Analysis: Steady Growth with Volatility

Starknet (STRK) has seen a notable rise of 499.50% over the last six months, indicating strong investor interest. In the short term, the coin’s price has experienced some fluctuations, as seen with a decrease of 9.51% over the past month. In the last week, the price edged up by 1.42%. STRK is currently moving in a range between $0.99 and $1.17. With the RSI at 45.42, the coin does not show signs of being overbought or oversold. The movement appears moderate without clear signs of strong impulse or correction for now.

Worldcoin Price Sees Volatility: What’s Next?

Worldcoin’s price has been bouncing between $4.09 and $5.81 recently. Its current trend is not a straight line. Over one week, it’s down by 8.32%. It’s lower by 16.76% this month. But, in the past six months, Worldcoin is up by 88.64%. Some numbers that tell us its condition include its 10-day average price of $4.72 and 100-day average of $4.94. The RSI, a meter of sorts, is at 36.65, showing it’s neither sold too much nor bought too much. Another tool, the Stochastic, is similar at 37.14. The MACD, which is like a trend tracker, is at -0.11 hinting at a possible dip. Prices might struggle to go above $6.93 or below $3.48 soon. If things change, the next hard roof and floor are at $8.65 and $1.76. The movement looks cautious, not like it’s rushing up or down.

Ondo Coin Price Movement and Forecast

Ondo’s price has grown a lot in the past six months, by over 3000%. In the last week, it went up almost 14%, and this past month, it increased by about 22%. The price moves between $0.73 and $1.05 right now. It seems to be moving in a regular pattern, not too fast or slow. The coin might face trouble going above $1.20 and could fall to $0.57 if it goes down. If it goes down a lot, it could even reach $0.26. But if it does well, it could try to go up to $1.52. The price is usually around $0.97 to $0.94, based on recent averages. The RSI, which tells if something is bought too much or sold too much, is at 50.18, meaning it’s pretty balanced. The Stochastic and MACD hint that the coin might not change much in price soon.


The coins STRK, WLD, and ONDO might not show significant short-term gains but are still worth considering. However, BlastUP holds the strongest potential for growth. Its innovative concept and integration within the Blast ecosystem set it apart as a promising investment. The project’s foundation and future prospects suggest it could lead the pack during the bull run.

Site: https://blastup.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Blastup_io

Discord: https://discord.gg/5Kc3nDhqVW

Telegram: https://t.me/blastup_io

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