Detailed snapshot of 2016: The milestones and the attention-grabbers. Happy New Year to all! - FinanceFeeds

Detailed snapshot of 2016: The milestones and the attention-grabbers. Happy New Year to all!

The electronic trading industry, whether institutional or retail, is a business which is led and directed by enthusiasts. Enthusiasts who…

The electronic trading industry, whether institutional or retail, is a business which is led and directed by enthusiasts.

Enthusiasts who dedicate significant cognitive and practical resources toward driving forward the methods by which asset classes are traded electronically are prolific across the entire business, in the major global centers across Britain, North America, the Far East and the Antipodes, which is why this particular sector of the financial markets sector combines ultra-modern technology, deep understanding of liquidity distribution, and continual striving to improve the execution process by which trades are completed, processed and reported.

We at FinanceFeeds are extremely proud to be able to have the opportunity to represent the industry’s current affairs, discuss and research poignant topics in detail with the very executives that actually develop and implement them, and to be able to engage you – the exact enthusiasts who have everything to be proud of – in the highly interesting daily developments across this multi-faceted industry.

2016 was yet another fascinating year, and as its penultimate day begins, and 2017 looms over us in the form of a 365-day opportunity, we take a good look back at 2016 and what made it memorable.

FinanceFeeds wishes everyone a very well deserved reflection on achievement this year, and a highly prosperous, happy, healthy and most of all interesting and enthusiastic new year.

Top Picks of Twenty Sixteen


CFD bombshell: Senior FX executive speaks out “The entire OTC FX industry will move to exchanges” in very comprehensive analysis

“Scandals in the OTC industry, bankruptcies related to SNB type events and binary options scammers have given ample justifications to exchange lobbyists to argue against the OTC retail industry. In the end who do you think has more clout with the FCA? The LSE or IG markets ? It is obvious who is going to win.”


Drew Niv

A candid and open one to one with FXCM’s CEO Drew Niv on what it was like on January 15

January 15, 2015. Black Thursday. The Swiss National Bank suddenly sent unprecedented volatility into the markets. Here is what it looked like from the office of FXCM CEO Drew Niv, one of the world’s most astute industry leaders


retail FX

Average retail FX account size vs average cost of acquisition: How sustainable is the status quo?

It is impossible to compare the development cycle that occurs within the online trading industry with that of any other global business, whether that may be legacy manufacturing businesses or modern, internet based post-Millenial phenomena.


Fortress Prime opens Office in Jakarta Indonesia

Why are so many FX brokers interested in Indonesia? FinanceFeeds Research

The b-book with no liquidity feed, the educational sector, affiliates and white label partners, and who succeeded early in Indonesia’s attractive but difficult retail FX market. We investigate with those at the leading edge of Indonesia’s FX industry and look at how to enter, and what clients want.


Germany Stagnation

2017 will be a year of FX industry M&A: A very detailed analysis on the changes that lie ahead

Recent M&A deals have been hundreds of millions as massive venues mop up institutional FX firms – not retail client bases for a few million. We examine in great detail what will cause consolidation this year and why it will be much higher up the ecosystem and for very high values, including perspectives from senior industry figures.



Has binary options had its day? – The pressure is mounting

When a practice appears dubious to those who are knowledgeable in a specific subject only, it can be allowed to proliferate with rarely any repercussions.

However, when said practice begins to appear dubious to the general public and becomes the subject of the mainstream media, the attention of the powers that be is often attracted.


forex brokers

The days of the bucket shop are numbered

Research carried out by FinanceFeeds over recent months has drawn a very interesting, and actually very promising indeed, that being that the regulatory structure in some of the most prominent and popular locations for retail FX is now so well organized that firms that are unable to cope with the demands of the regulators are, of their own accord, packing their bags.



Retail FX brokers beware! Banks not opening accounts for FX firms, meaning client funds and broker capital is at risk

Mainstream banks are continuing to decline the opening of accounts for FX brokerages in which to hold client funds and operating capital, and as a result, brokers are being forced to use 3rd level banks overseas. Fraudsters have cottoned onto this and have been stealing funds from client fund accounts due to the lower levels of banking security offered by such firms


Dual MT4 screens

Is MetaTrader 4 dead? Is it an also-ran or proper trading solution? We talk to Dan Moczulski

“It’s worth mentioning that when I refer to Multi-Asset I am talking about thousands and thousands of products, not just an additional gold, dow and Nymex! There are many reasons why this is a good idea for a brokerage” – Dan Moczulski, CEO, Star Financial Systems



Terror, espionage & binary options: Former US secret agent who recovered $2 million for victims likens binary to serious organized crime

Former US secret agent Haggai Carmon explains how he has the ability to finish the binary options business saying that he can “bring the whole house down”. Here is the full account

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