The trading industry has taken ESG policy and popularity to heart and has recently entered a momentum of new ESG-related trading services, analytics, listings, and Eco trading accounts.

Singapore Exchange has this week partnered with OneConnect to build an ESG disclosure platform that addresses common challenges faced by companies and investors such as lack of comparability, changing investors’ demand, as well as the evolving business landscape and regulations.

In the field of ESG analytics, SIX Group acquired Canada-based Orenda which analyzes and quantifies social media data to provide insights, quantify public perception, and identify values that resonate with customers and stakeholders. Refinitiv launched an AI-based engine that locates content pertaining to specific companies as well as cities, regions, and countries while excluding corporate press releases, corporate websites, and regulatory filings. In sum, it minimizes the impact of corporate “greenwashing.”

Retail FX brokerage CedarFX launched an Eco Account, where traders who opt to use this particular product will be charged a $1 commission fee per lot traded, which will be matched by CedarFX at the end of each month, for carbon reduction.