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Dukascopy adds lots as trade size, introduces new keyboard to Swiss Forex Trader mobile app

More chart indicators, the ability to change the number format and a new amount size have been added to Dukascopy’s Swiss Forex Trader app for iOS devices.

Swiss financial and online trading services provider Dukascopy continues to enhance its mobile trading solutions. Just a couple of days after the company introduced an update to its Swiss Forex app for iOS devices, it launched an updated version of its Swiss Forex Trader application for iPhone and iPad.

The improvements to Swiss Forex Trader focus on convenient pricing and trade amount estimation. In version 5.2 of the solution, Dukascopy has added a new keyboard for more comfortable price and amount editing. Also there is a new amount size – lots, which is a precise measure of calculating trade size.

A couple of perks have been introduced, including color scheme selection (light, classic, dark, black), as well as the ability to change number formats.

Fans of technical analysis will appreciate the introduction of more chart indicators – these are the 19 indicators that have earlier been added to the Swiss Forex app, and, now, users of the Swiss Forex Trader solution can also benefit from these tools.

Talking of charts, let’s mention that the updated app allows the removal of the “Trade” button from the chart, so that traders can make use of a cleaner screen.

The Swiss Forex Trader app aims to offer traders the main functionalities that Dukascopy’s platforms offer. These include stable connection to the server, instant order execution, a variety of

trading orders and access to trading reports. Users of the app get access to live charts with technical analysis tools, FX market news, and economic calendars.

Earlier this month, Dukascopy launched the next generation of its JForex Web 3 platform on Demo.

JForex Web 3, which is compatible with all popular browsers, comes with no Java requirements. It is presently designed for manual trading but automated trading based on JForex API is set to become available in the near future.

The new platform features 46 trading indicators, it offers chart trading, workspace saving on JCloud as well as live market news and calendars. Also, the platform is well fit to work with a large number and types of trading instruments, including Forex, precious metals, CFDs on indices, commodities and single stocks.

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