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Dukascopy enhances charting capabilities of its Swiss Forex mobile app

New timeframes and additional capabilities to work with custom indicators are among the enhancements in the latest version of Dukascopy’s Swiss Forex app for iOS devices.

Swiss Forex bank & marketplace Dukascopy continues to improve the capabilities of its mobile applications. The latest improvements concern Dukascopy’s Swiss Forex mobile application for iOS-powered devices.

The most recent version (4.3) of the application, released on Monday, November 13th, offers a range of enhancements, with the focus being on charting – something fans of technical analysis would probably appreciate.

A new timeframe – a monthly one, has been added to the charts. Also, chart indicators have been improved, as users of the app can now enable/disable custom indicators and edit custom indicator parameters. Another enhancement in this respect is the addition of chart indicators search function.

The latest additions join the existing lineup of functionalities of the Swiss Forex application, such as real-time FX quotes for more than 60 currency pairs, metals and CFDs, a Notification Center widget for easy access to real-time quotes, as well as live FX market news, FX market signals and

economic calendars with customizable push notification alerts. There are also video reviews provided by Dukascopy TV studio.

Another of Dukascopy’s mobile applications that has been updated recently is Dukascopy Connect 911. Last week, users of the solution got the ability to send video messages to others or send a video response for Dukascopy 911 questions. The updates to the Connect 911 app are released after similar enhancements were introduced to the Dukascopy TV app in May this year. Back then, the TV app became more social by enabling its users to share videos.

Dukascopy has voiced its plans to take Connect 911, which, in its essence, is a mobile questions & answers service, to the next level by welcoming bots to the 911 platform. As a result, the company expects to see some competition between artificial intelligence solutions and human beings on the platform with regard to providing the most timely, accurate and relevant answers.

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