Exclusive: GoMining’s Mark Zalan wants to democratize opportunities of Bitcoin halving

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As the Bitcoin community counts down to the upcoming Bitcoin halving, Mark Zalan, CEO of GoMining, shared exclusive insights into how the company is gearing up for this pivotal event in the cryptocurrency world.

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The Bitcoin halving, an event that slashes the reward for mining Bitcoin transactions in half, is set to occur in just three days. This mechanism, which occurs approximately every four years, is a crucial part of Bitcoin’s supply mechanics, designed to control inflation and extend the distribution of new Bitcoins until 2140.

Traditionally dominated by well-funded corporate entities capable of investing heavily in infrastructure and expert personnel, Bitcoin mining has been out of reach for most individuals and smaller investors. 

GoMining seeks to change this dynamic by lowering the barriers to entry, ultimately democratizing the whole Bitcoin mining industry. 

During the exclusive interview, Mark Zalan explained how GoMining’s innovative approach is leveling the playing field. 

Mark Zalan photoExclusive interview with Mark Zalan, CEO of GoMining

The upcoming Bitcoin halving will reduce the block reward for miners, a pivotal event for the mining industry. How is GoMining preparing for this change, and what strategies are you implementing to ensure the sustainability and profitability of your mining operations post-halving?

We’re dedicated to staying ahead of the curve by regularly upgrading our mining equipment to match the latest industry trends. Partnering closely with leaders like Bitmain keeps us at the forefront of innovation.

Our product is flexible, catering to various mining needs and approaches. We keep our clients informed about updates, so they can scale their NFT miners effectively.

For example, our digital miners are highly energy-efficient, with levels up to 20 W/TH, comparable to the latest models entering the market in 2024. This means our clients can trust their NFT miners to remain efficient and profitable.

With the increasing difficulty and competitiveness in Bitcoin mining, technological advancements and efficiencies are crucial. Can you share recent innovations or technologies GoMining has adopted or developed to stay ahead in the mining sector?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to emphasize the growing trend towards creating a more sustainable future, which means adopting energy-efficient solutions. In Bitcoin mining, the most environmentally friendly practices involve using advanced mining devices. That’s why we regularly update our device fleet to stay ahead.

Equally important is our careful choice of data center locations. By avoiding countries with strained or underdeveloped power grids, we reduce the risk of shortages while ensuring our users can access some of the world’s most affordable electricity for mining.

Furthermore, we’re deeply committed to innovation. This dedication is reflected in our development of energy-saving solutions, like optimizing cooling systems and using AI monitoring on our end.

GoMining has introduced NFTs as an investment opportunity, allowing investors to have a stake in Bitcoin mining operations. Could you explain the unique value proposition of GoMining’s NFTs and how they differentiate from other digital assets or investment vehicles in the crypto space?

The Liquid Bitcoin Hashrate protocol is our key innovative solution designed to tokenize tangible hashpower, which is managed and maintained by service providers. Using NFTs, this protocol simplifies the process of purchasing, upgrading, and transferring ownership of associated computing power, making it as straightforward as managing any other digital asset. The key differentiator is that owners of GoMining NFTs not only enjoy the artwork associated with the NFTs but also receive Bitcoin mining rewards on a daily basis.

Isn’t buying Bitcoin cheaper than going through GoMining?

Traditionally, mining Bitcoin has been much more economically advantageous than simply buying and holding Bitcoin. However, before our product was introduced, only well-funded corporate entities could participate in Bitcoin mining. They could invest hundreds of millions of dollars in data centers, mining equipment, and expensive technical experts to run operations. Our goal was to remove these barriers and make mining economics accessible to everyone.

Looking beyond the next halving, how do you see the landscape of Bitcoin mining evolving, and where does GoMining position itself in this future?

We see Bitcoin continues to gain market share and evolve to become a core part of the global financial infrastructure.  Mining, which provides the infrastructure and secures the network will be an integral part of that future growth, and will continue to grow and innovate to keep up with the ever increasing demand.  We are positioning GoMining to be a major part of that future with a significant market share of the global mining capacity.

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