FinanceFeeds to host exclusive networking events in London, Cyprus and New York - FinanceFeeds

FinanceFeeds to host exclusive networking events in London, Cyprus and New York

The FinanceFeeds Cup series of exclusive networking events is now a regular calendar fixture for the leading executives in the FX industry.

In such an online, highly technologically advanced industry as ours, the ability for senior executives to socialize and meet with each other is paramount, and where better to do this than the three global centers of the retail and institutional FX industry – Limassol, Cyprus, London, England and New York, USA.

This year’s events will be extra special as they coincide with Bro·Movember (more information about that coming shortly) and the two very special and devilishly charming gents from TwoBlokesTrading will entertain us with their personal accounts of how they got into the FX and trading world.

FinanceFeeds would like to thank everyone for their interest as the events are now fully subscribed, and we look forward to seeing you there!

The Cyprus Cup makes a return to Limassol

When: Thursday, November 3, 2016.
Where: Limassol Cyprus
Time: 4pm

In April this year, FinanceFeeds pioneered this exclusive series in the heartlands of the retail FX industry, Limassol, Cyprus, with 40 executives from all sectors of the industry having attended the first event. The focus is on pure networking and the ability to conduct business between vital strategic partners, and features no advertising, no panels, and no interruptions, allowing you to meet and seal vital deals with industry leaders in the most prominent regions that are synonymous with the FX business.

The London Cup – Meet the leaders in the world’s number one center for electronic trading

When: Wednesday, November 16, 2016.
Where: London, England
Time: 6pm

The FinanceFeeds Cup series of networking events will make its way to London, the world center for institutional FX and multi-billion dollar retail FX giants.

The London Cup will take place in the Square Mile, the epicenter of the world’s financial and technology center, in a very stylish venue which is exclusive to FinanceFeeds, and will continue the FinanceFeeds ethos of ensuring that the opportunity to concentrate on networking with potential industry partners from the very top companies in the world, uninterrupted by sales pitches or advertorials.

The New York Cup – The institutional and retail giants meet the entrepreneurs and FinTech leaders of America by invite only

When: Thursday, December 1, 2016.
Where: New York City, United States
Time: 6pm

The FinanceFeeds Cup series of networking events will make its way to a top quality, exclusive private venue in Downtown Manhattan, New York City on December 1 this year, where FX industry leaders of the giants of North America’s vast electronic trading business will meet with the avantgarde entrepreneurs whose services continue to evolve the structure of the financial sector in the world’s second largest financial center.

North America’s retail FX giants, along with institutional technology providers, OTC derivatives enterprises and listed venues, signal providers, marketing experts, management consultants and prime brokerages will meet with NFA regulated introducing brokers, as well as other vital strategic partners which are instrumental in furthering the quality and reach of the business.

America’s FX industry is a relationship business through and through, and this exclusive event is a must for all executives in the industry.

The New York Cup will be introduced by Justin Hertzberg, CEO of Forest Park FX, America’s most prominent NFA regulated introducing broker who will provide anecdotes and insights into what brokers should consider when working with strategic partners to garner the best quality retail FX clients, as well as how introducing brokers with high quality operations are instrumental in reducing the operating costs of America’s brokerages whilst upholding their quality reputation.

The FinanceFeeds Cup series is an elite networking fixture which will be expanded and continued on a very regular basis indeed. As is most certainly our mantra, this is a relationship business, and our ethos is to ensure that you, the executives that form the very structure of this business, are provided with the best environment and the best networking opportunities worldwide.