CEO Jermaine Harmon becomes EVP at Atlas Fintech Holdings in Florida

Former Alpari US CEO Jermaine Harmon becomes EVP at Atlas Fintech Holdings in Florida

Concurrent to his position as CEO at FX order flow, risk management and execution technology specialist Atlas Financial Technologies, Jermaine Harmon is now Executive Vice President of its parent company, Atlas FinTech Holdings Corporation

For institutional and retail FX industry veteran Jermaine Harmon, a new year begins with a new position at FX technology, market making and execution firm Atlas Financial Technologies.

Mr. Harmon joined AtlasBanc Holdings Corporation at its headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, in March 2015 from Alpari Group where he was Global Head of Institutional Sales for the company’s QuantumFX division, having been based in New York for two and a half years between January 2013 and July 2015, this being his final role at Alpari after seven years as CEO of Alpari US.

At Atlas Financial Technologies, Mr Harmon commenced his tenure as Executive Vice President of AtlasBanc in March 2015 before becoming CEO of Atlas Financial Technologies in 2015.

This position co-incides with his appointment this week as Executive Vice President of the firm’s parent company, Atlas FinTech Holdings Corporation.


Atlas FinTech, which provides a software as a service (SaaS) model in which it offers technology to brokerages to be able to price their clients globally as well as a set of proprietary tools which enable the granular control of liquidity groups, pricing models, spreads and risk management, is a widely recognized entity in North America, and Mr. Harmon’s understanding of retail and institutional electronic order flow is instrumental to his position at the firm.

Before joining Alpari, Mr Harmon was Vice President of eExchange Sales at State Street Global Markets during 2010, a position preceded by four years at Currenex between 2006 and 2010.

At the start of the Millennium, Mr Harmon joined AIG Trading Group and worked in the FX Prime Brokerage division for five years.

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