Saturday, June 22, 2024
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IG Community faces makeover

Fans of social networking and online trading forums must have noticed the most recent announcements by electronic trading firm IG Group Holdings plc (LON:IGG) with regard to the IG Community.

The company said it was seeking to completely reorganize the community in order to make it a more intuitive and engaging place to discuss trading strategy and the IG platform with others. There will be changes to discussion boards (locking and archiving), and users may see their posts moved.

There may be some minor disruption whilst the IG team updates the structure and design, but traders should rest assured that this would be kept out of market hours.

The IG Community is a friendly place that offers less formal means of communication with the company and other traders. Members of the Community are welcome to join discussions on news and trading strategies and to give the company feedback and suggestions. The forum-like Community enables traders to find answers to many of the questions they face.

The summer is apparently the season for redesign and makeover of the customer-facing features offered by online trading companies. TradeStation has recently refreshed its website in order to suit the interests of younger clientele. In terms of socially-orientated features, let’s note that Swissquote’s Pulse, which also seeks to welcome traders and provide necessary information and community spirit, has recently grown out of its Beta phase.

Overall, it seems that forum-like trading communities are often preferred over networks that offer social trading services per se. One of the reasons is probably that non-binding discussions with other traders are more attractive than actually copying a signal and investing money.

Recently, FxPro has quietly terminated the offering of its social trading platform SuperTrader. This happened after the platform had been under review for a couple of months.

While the IG Community is undergoing its makeover, some traders may need help using IG platforms, charts or products. They are advised to check out IG’s Support Community.

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