IG Group enhances new web trading platform

IG Group enhances new web trading platform

Early client feedback has been encouraging, with IG to continue the rollout of the solution and to introduce more enhancements this year.

The rollout of IG Trading platform, the new web solution developed by the team of IG Group Holdings plc (LON:IGG), started in phases towards the end of 2016, with UK spreadbetting clients of the company getting access to the platform in January 2017. After receiving encouraging feedback from its clients regarding the new platform, IG plans to continue the launch through the current year and to include the CFD clients.

But you probably know all of this already as you must have carefully read IG’s report for the first half of FY2017. So, what are the enhancements to the platform?

What are the novelties?

Sound alerts

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – simplicity counts when it comes to online trading. Earlier today, users of the platform were informed of the ability to set sound alerts from the platform. All they have to do is click on settings from the left toolbar, then activate the alert sound effect under the platform settings section. Sound is very important when trading, as the eyes are usually focused on charts and prices and traders rarely spot anything apart from that.

Speaking of alerts, IG Trading enables traders to set alerts for upcoming events, to receive notifications on markets that undergo significant movements after an event, get access to macroeconomic figures as soon as they are released. Traders can even set reminders to notify them up to 60 minutes before an event happens.

ProRealTime button

IG’s team is working on adding a dedicated ProRealTime button to the new platform (hopefully, it will appear there at some point in the coming weeks). In the meantime, traders can still launch the ProRealTime advanced charting package by clicking on the market name above a chart, or by right-clicking on a market in a list.

Improved watchlist functionality

In February, traders are set to be able to rearrange their watchlists according to particular data. And by the end of March they should be able to drag and drop markets into an order of their choice.

Darker colours

IG’s team says that a darker color scheme is amid the most requested features. The company plans to add this option this month.

The reasons for the feature being so popular are various. I dare to suppose that a darker theme simply reduces the contrast between a darker environment and a computer screen – as many traders trade during the night, they try to preserve their eyes. However, a prominent industry representative once suggested that “traders like the night club feel” that dark themes have.

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