Sunday, June 23, 2024
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IG Group rolls out ProRealTime (10.3) charting & trading software to all countries

IG Group Holdings plc (LON:IGG) keeps building up the capabilities of the trading solutions it offers to its clients. The company has just announced that it has released ProRealTime 10.3 to all countries where it operates, with the feedback being positive.

We have already mentioned ProRealTime when we reported about the upgrade to IG’s web platform. In its essence, ProRealTime, or PRT, is online charting software for technical analysis & trading that seeks to help traders make informed decisions concerning the market.

The list of enhancements (the full range can be checked out on PRT’s webpage) starts with alerts improvements. For instance, now a human voice is available to announce order executions and alerts triggered. There is a new alerts window, as well as more alert conditions (for example, “crosses over” and “crosses under”).

A number of new objects have been added to the platform, including Fibonacci Ellipse, Fibonacci Spiral, Gann Square, Gann Grid, and Schiff pitchfork. There are also drawing object improvements, such as additional optional levels added to Fibonacci arcs and fans.

New indicators, such as VWAP, VWAP bands and Correlation coefficient indicator, are now available on the platform. The improvements to the indicators include the ability to add any indicator from the indicator properties chart window, as well as the ability to drag & drop indicators between charts.

There is a pile of improvements concerning the trading interface, including enhancements to the quick access interface which has new order types added to it that were previously only available in the advanced interface. These order types include Stop with limit protection, One cancels the other, At market if touched, etc.

Also, the trading interface now lets traders link target and stop orders to all of the order types on the left side of the window (Horizontal Limit, Horizontal Stop, Trailing stop, Stop with limit protection, at market). Linked stop orders can be standard stops, stop with limit protection, or trailing stops.

Traders can also benefit from improved detailed reports, including performance charts. They can view and assess their weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly performance.

On top of that, the strategy creation and modification has become easier. Assisted creation mode has been boosted to provide traders with additional options and flexibility without programming.

Via assisted creation mode, traders can now define days of the week and times of day when the system can trade.

Last, but not least, let’s note that ProRealTime now allows the use of game pads as input devices. Needless to say that this is particularly appreciated by gamers.

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