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IG’s new web platform enjoys tech analysis capabilities boost

IG continues with the enhancements to tech analysis capabilities on its new web platform with the addition of Elliott Waves and improvements to the Fibonacci drawings and Ichimoku indicators.

Online trading firm IG Group Holdings plc (LON:IGG) has just unveiled the latest set of enhancements to its new web platform, which focus on technical analysis and charting.

For starters, responding to requests, the company has added Elliott Waves tool to the new platform charts. It can be found in the drawing menu at the top of the chart, or by right-clicking on a chart. Traders can then select five points on the chart to form the drawing.

The enhancements to the Inchimoku indicator

Also, a couple of small additions have been made to both the Fibonacci drawings and Ichimoku indicators on the new platform charts. On Fibonacci drawings, the last click to place the drawing allows traders to select the length of the drawing on the chart (that is, how far across the chart the levels are visible).

On the Ichimoku indicator, traders can now also customise which levels are shown. To do this, one should select the indicator label on the bottom left of the chart.

This is not the first time that IG enhances the technical analysis capabilities of its web platform this year. In May, the company responded to client requests by adding Fibonacci extensions to the new platform charts. Traders can access this feature from the drawing tools menu on the new charts.

Now, let’s continue with the latest wave of enhancements to the platform, as a set of keyboard shortcuts have been added to the platform charts:

  • “E” opens an Edit dialog box on a selected drawing (The shortcut requires selecting an object and pressing “E” on the keyboard.)
  • “D” duplicates a selected drawing.
  • “P” and “O” show/hide positions (P) and working orders (O)’
  • Del/Backspace may be used to delete a selected drawing (this happens if one moves the cursor over the object and select sDelete or Backspace on the keyboard).
  • Spacebar allows to go to the latest candle/reset zoom level.

Another online trading company that has recently worked on facilitating trading on its platform is Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:IBKR). In June, the company announced the addition of a number of trading tool shortcuts in TWS’ Mosaic Order Entry panel. Traders can now make use of a number of drop down shortcuts added to the Option Chain button. These shortcuts open the selected tool with the current Instrument Type as the focus. Shortcuts include Option Chain, BookTrader, Market Depth, Strategy Builder, Fundamentals, Time & Sales and Alerts.

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