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Interactive Brokers implements IBot enhancements in Android mobile app

Less than a month after Interactive Brokers announced it was making drastic changes to the AI tech powering IBot, the IB TWS mobile app for Android gadgets sees bot enhancements.

As FinanceFeeds reported in June, electronic trading firm Interactive Brokers Group, Inc (NASDAQ:IBKR) is making major changes to IBot, its natural language interface to trading. Whereas Interactive Brokers first announced the changes along with the release of the latest Beta version of its Trader Workstation platform, the changes are now going beyond the desktop version of the solution and are spreading to the mobile trading environment.

The most recent version of the IB TWS mobile application for Android gadgets offers to its users some of the improvements that have been introduced in the desktop platform. The IB TWS mobile app now offers access to a smarter IBot, as the artificial intelligence (AI) technology behind it is revamped.

IBot’s user interface is changed to make it easier to apply machine learning, based on how traders interact with it. Key elements are easier to spot in the new design which uses the full screen instead of limiting commands to text bubbles.

IBot was made available on Android devices in April this year, several months after the AI solution was introduced on iOS devices. The robot understands commands in various areas of interest to traders, ranging from account information to charts and quotes.

IBot has enjoyed substantial development since its initial launch in the fall of 2016 and now supports a variety of functions. In April this year, IBot got some additional capabilities, as Interactive Brokers integrated its website search with IBot to enable educational and task-based returns.

The development of IBot signifies the increased popularity of AI solutions in the financial services industry, as automated programs overtake some functions traditionally performed by customer support staff. Of course, the robot cannot answer all sorts of questions but the scope of its knowledge is gradually growing. In case a command presents a difficulty for IBot, it will provide its best guess answer, accompanied by warning that the query is not supported.

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