It does not kill zombies, but this binary options platform does everything else.

Noam Stiekema

We all know the cost of acquiring new customers. Imagine having no sales team? No pressure to close? According to binary options software provider O-SYSTEMS; the new O-SYSPRO enterprise solution will do everything bar kill zombies. In a world where brokers are paying well into the hundreds of dollars for acquiring new customers, intelligent systems are indeed […]


We all know the cost of acquiring new customers. Imagine having no sales team? No pressure to close? According to binary options software provider O-SYSTEMS; the new O-SYSPRO enterprise solution will do everything bar kill zombies.

In a world where brokers are paying well into the hundreds of dollars for acquiring new customers, intelligent systems are indeed the future.

Platforms that learn from customer’s behavior, automate mundane tasks in the funnel and become more accurate with each and every interaction is exactly what O-SYSTEMS has announced today.

In a first-of-its-kind to hit the market, O-SYSTEMS. a boutique Fintech startup operating within the binary options space has spent the last few years perfectly marrying marketing sales and technology into a complete package for new and existing brokers to simply plug and play.

We sat down with O-SYSTEMS CEO and founder Haim Lagziel and Martins Skromans, the company’s Head of Sales; to discuss what exactly is ground breaking and why this matters.

What is it?

It is a fully automated, intelligent and interactive trading platform. Borne out of the need for decreasing the overall cost per acquisition (CPA) and lowering the required man power, systems and resources to run your business.

Think of the platform as intelligent that can learn from interactions and improve accuracy and perfect the sales funnel. Brokers get all the information they require to optimize the funnel even further by implementing calls to action at certain points, drop automated messages which can also be personalized along with news that is  relevant to customer trading behavior and trade history.

O-SYSPRO combines the trading platform, CRM, landing page, customer contact details, and sales funnel and all into one. It is built to only require feedback and interaction from the broker or sales team once an account has been funded.

What is so ground breaking?

Most platforms provide similar setups, however the thing that is different and essentially ground breaking is the fact that this particular solution breaks away from the normal process of on-boarding customers. A potential trader is able to simply jump on the platform without leaving any details or registering for a demo account.

Once on the platform, a trader is able to interact, learn, trade and enjoy 80% of the benefits that the system has to offer including the unique social element. They are provided with a $35 credit to start with free of charge which negates the need for a demo account. Traders trade live, with real monies, experience what the real environment will be like before registering their contact details.

This low pressure sales approach works wonders for conversion when combined with all the features and automatic conversion funnels that O-SYSTEMS has developed.

The system is smart and can be tweaked individually based on the broker’s requirements and type of customers trading.


Take this into consideration and you now have a product that requires no sales. The whole process is also in 40 languages (more coming) thus also eliminating the need for a multilingual team.

Compliance is automated. Depositing, registration, trading and even risk management is automated. No need for a multi facet team. A team of one or two can now effectively run a brokerage that has thousands of customers trading, auto-converting themselves and the smart system taking care of retention whilst learning from each customer’s behaviour to only improve the accuracy of the whole funnel even further.

Moreover, a broker can also take their old lead databases and put them through the system and let O-SYSPRO take care of the conversions.

Using O-SYSPRO saves you time and money which in turn can be used to increase marketing efforts and or more to pay affiliates with.

From what we understand it follows the “Freemium model”

That’s totally correct. When the customer is ready or would like to increase or access all elements of the platform they are able to unlock features by purchasing once off “unlocks” much like a traditional “freemium” model.

Again, whilst this model looks good on the surface, it has to be combined with smart funnels. For example; take a customer that has taken a liking to a particular instrument- say gold. The system recognizes this and will optimize the conversion funnel based on that.

The broker can then offer news specific to the instruments the trader trades, offer a sign up incentive that grabs the trader’s attention and such.

Offers are unique per customer, call to actions are precise and accurate, thus leading to higher conversion rates, lower resources and less interference by the broker.


So the system essentially creates a personalized pool of potential customers for the broker to convert from?

In a sense yes. With this unintrusive approach, a broker will attract more volume. Combined with all the social features, the fact that they are trading live without even signing up, and you indeed have a larger pool of potential customers.

Turning the traditional model on it’s head and reversing the sales cycle, we truly believe that conversions will go up as systems get smarter, more accurate and use less resources.

How quick can this be setup? Who are your target audience?

As is with all our systems and services, we make it simple and quick to get the right equipment, systems and support.

The target audience for this product are all those wanting to take a less intrusive approach to binary options, existing binary brokers and new comers who believe that something has to be done differently in order to get ahead of the pack. This includes marketeurs, affiliates and all those that want an easy entrance without the huge costs or resources that is usually required.

This product is also a good fit for Forex brokers that wish to integrate a simple yet super effective system into their existing infrastructure without requiring additional man power and sales efforts, a sort of passive approach.

O-SYSPRO is easy and quick to integrate and our team can typically have you setup, optimized and ready to operate within three weeks.

What else is in the pipelines considering your disruptive approach?

(Laughs all around…) Without saying too much, we are working on further automating and introducing BI and AI into all our systems moving forward.

We want to continue to automate. This is our goal, and we are big believers in this path and traders and the market are much more mature than 10 years ago. Looking at the industry, the same model is that has been for the past 12 years is still working today. We want to change this.

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