Jordan Edelson Talks how TradeZing fits into Era of Meme Investing

abdelaziz Fathi

Welcome back to Finance Feeds at the Bitcoin Conference 2023 in Miami. Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Jordan Edelson, CEO of TradeZing.

Jordan Edelson, a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of Appetizer Mobile, has been recognized as a Forbes 30 under 30 awardee. With an extensive list of accolades from reputable publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, Time Magazine, Forbes Magazine, and The Doctors, among others, Mr. Edelson has gained prominence in the industry.

To kick things off, we asked Jordan about the WallStreetBets subreddit. Was it just the beginning of a social media revolution toward the democratization of trading? And where does he think this revolution is headed? Furthermore, how does TradeZing fit into all of this?

Jordan believes that we are just at the beginning of this trend, especially with the influx of younger investors, particularly Gen Z and millennials, entering the market. Social finance has emerged as a significant avenue for many individuals to invest and make informed decisions. However, with a wealth of information available online, it is crucial to navigate through the abundance of content, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the information consumed. Social finance has proven to be a powerful market influencer, both in traditional stock assets and within the realm of cryptocurrencies.

In this context, trading platforms play a vital role by acting as social finance hubs. These platforms offer a fresh approach to democratizing access to financial markets while emphasizing intelligent decision-making. One such platform is TradeZing, which provides users with a web-based platform as well as a mobile application. The primary objective is to combine social insights with artificial intelligence, creating a comprehensive dataset that users can leverage to make well-informed financial decisions.

When asked to provide an overview of TradeZing’s trading social platform, Jordan Edelson described it as a unique and innovative platform that encompasses various components.

Firstly, TradeZing offers a mobile application available for iOS and Android, as well as a web-based platform accessible at The mobile app focuses on catering to the creator community, providing them with a dedicated space to share their financial content. Currently, creators often post their content on platforms like Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram, but their financial content can get overshadowed by unrelated content due to algorithms prioritizing user engagement. TradeZing aims to centralize and streamline financial content creation by offering a hub where creators and users can explore and generate finance-related content.

The platform covers a wide range of financial topics, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, futures, options, Forex, and other asset classes. It aims to serve as a comprehensive resource for anything related to making and saving money. Recently, the web platform was launched, coinciding with its soft rollout during the Bitcoin 2023 event, for which TradeZing is the official broadcast partner. Users can watch the Bitcoin 2023 event feed directly on the TradeZing platform.

The website component of TradeZing is designed to enable the community to create social events based on real-time content, news, and information. This feature adds another layer of social intelligence, offering a unique gathering point for various events. While other platforms may host audio rooms or fragmented events, TradeZing brings them together into a centralized aggregator. This allows users to navigate through the abundance of information and make sense of the data available. Artificial intelligence is integrated into the platform, leveraging the socially sourced information and providing users with social trading signals.

When further queried about the sources available on TradeZing’s feed, Jordan highlighted a diverse range of valuable sources that contribute to the platform’s informational ecosystem.

TradeZing social platform gathers information from various sources to provide users with a comprehensive feed. Some of the sources currently included are Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube. These platforms contribute valuable content and discussions related to finance and trading. Additionally, TradeZing has its own community-generated content that is shared on the platform. This combination of external sources and user-generated content ensures a diverse range of information and perspectives for users to explore.

To handle the large volume of data from these sources, TradeZing incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) into its platform. The AI component plays a crucial role in analyzing and processing the vast amounts of information, allowing it to be presented to users in a meaningful and relevant manner. This integration of AI technology enhances the user experience and enables users to make informed decisions based on the insights gained from the analyzed data.

As TradeZing continues to evolve and expand its platform, it may incorporate additional sources of information to further enhance the depth and breadth of the feed available to users.

In our quest to gather more information about TradeZing’s pricing model and how users monetize the platform, Jordan Edelson shed light on the platform’s approach.

It’s important to note that while the creators’ monetization feature is not currently available, it will be activated based on their activity and engagement on the platform.

Overall, TradeZing has a pricing model that allows for monetization in multiple ways. Firstly, creators on the platform can monetize their content through subscriptions. What’s more, they have the ability to set up different tiers of subscriptions, offering exclusive content to their subscribers. This provides a direct revenue stream for creators based on their activity and the number of subscribers they attract. The platform offers three levels of creators: Standard, Affiliate, and Partner streamers.

Creators can also produce various types of content on the platform, including short-form content (referred to as “stories” and “shorts”), long-form content (VOD – Video on Demand), live content, and engage with their audience through real-time chat using the Discord feature. They also have the option to place certain content behind a paywall, allowing them to offer exclusive access to their subscribers.

Meanwhile, TradeZing monetizes through adverts on the platform. This means that the platform itself generates revenue through advertising placements, further supporting its operations and services. The combination of subscriptions, advertising, and the diverse content offerings helps facilitate a sustainable monetization model for TradeZing.

During the interview, we discussed TradeZing’s recent introduction of a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) products that aim to streamline the investment decision-making process by providing valuable insights on relevant investment opportunities.

Jordan explained that one of the tools they have rolled out is a social sentiment AI ticker on their website. This ticker displays different positions for stocks and crypto assets, and behind the scenes, TradeZing analyzes social sources to determine the sentiment surrounding these assets. Based on this analysis, they generate a score indicating whether users are generally bullish or bearish on these positions.

Additionally, TradeZing is also developing other tools that go beyond “a simple chatbot thrown onto the platform.” They are creating tools that resemble elements of a chat GPT, but with a more advanced and sophisticated approach. These tools aim to enhance the user experience by providing easier data analysis and delivering a better overall experience for users.

By leveraging artificial intelligence, TradeZing aims to cut through the noise and deliver valuable insights to users, helping them make more informed investment decisions.

During the latter part of our discussion, Jordan shared his positive thoughts on the Bitcoin 2023 conference being streamed on TradeZing’s mobile app and platform.

He mentioned that this year’s format of the Bitcoin 2023 event is more intimate, which they believe is appropriate for the current state of the crypto industry. Jordan highlights the importance of amplifying the voices within the tight-knit crypto community and providing a platform for vendors, exhibitors, and speakers to showcase their insights and contributions. By featuring these voices, TradeZing aims to actively contribute to the community and foster its continued growth.

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