Under 30: the industry's future leaders. Meet Martins Skromans

Under 30: the industry’s future leaders. Meet Martins Skromans

Under 30 and moving up the ranks. We talk to Martins Skromans Head of Sales at OSYSTEMS to find out how he got into the industry and what he does daily.

In an industry so well established with roots in all four corners of the globe we took time to discuss what the industry will look like in 10 to 20 years from now.

Whilst we all share different views on where the industry will end up or what it will morph into, the fact is that we forget the many good folk working in the industry. Especially the younger generation that started at the bottom and worked their way up essentially dedicating their careers to fintech, trading and finance.

As is a FinanceFeeds tradition, we decided to celebrate these hard working individuals that have and very well may become the future industry leaders as they move up the ranks. So without further adieu, meet the industry’s future leaders (all under the age of 30).

What is your role at OSYSTEMS?

As the Head of Sales I am mainly responsible for the communication with the potential and existing partners, providing the consultation on our product, and the possibility`s that awaits them in the exiting world of Binary Options business. If you have to sum it up, my main role is to be there friend, listen carefully, and figure out how can we address the needs and wishes of our partners.

How many years have you been at OSYSTEMS?

I joined O-SYSTEMS in October, so we still are not at the year`s mark. But my goal one day is to say with pride the word “year`s” in plural, as the company and the colleagues offer me lot of fresh new ideas and approaches on how business can be done, and i feel that i am growing together with it!

When did you start in the industry?

Started some +4 years ago in Forex, as a junior dealer. That was my occupation more then one year, then customer support, and other positions over the industry, but never wanted to engage is sales. Who knows me would say I am quite communicative, so only natural that one day I got talked in to try sales, and it went with ease, so form that moment never looked back!

What attracted you to / made you get into this industry?

I came to Cyprus to visit my beloved Sister, and then found out about this industry, from some of friend that where working in it all ready! I Was interested as did not have a clue what it was, out of sheer curiosity I started to learn what it really is, and the more i read the more and more and more it interested me, I wanted to be a part of it, and figure out how it all works!

Any tips for others looking at getting into the industry?

All comes down to the standard tips, work hard, then a bit harder, try to walk your own way and lessen to the more experience person next to you, if you know how to lessen you can learn the world!


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